How To Copy Music To iPhone Without iTunes Library Sync

A very simple drag-and-drop should be more than enough to copy music from your PC to iPhone or iPad to Sync Without iTunes. But generally, that is not how to do it.

When you decide to put the song file to your iPhone or iPad, you normally add those songs to the iTunes Library and sync them just after connecting your iPhone with computer. Furthermore, for the new iOS users, this seems to be the only technique but that is not so. Here is a guide for all those who want to how to sync without iTunes Library.

Sync Without iTunes

You can basically copy the song files from your PC to the iPhone or iPad without having the iTunes library. One easy tweak will allow you to drag-and-drop the music into your iPhone easily. Here is how:

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How To Copy Music To iPhone Without iTunes Library Sync:

1. Connect the iPhone or iPad to your PC.

2. Start iTunes.

3. Simply click on the name of the device from sidebar.

4. In Summary tab, scroll all the way down to the Options section.

Just click on check box “Manually manage music and videos” option to manage files manually without need of Sync.

This allows you to deal with music files and videos by yourself. You do not require to add the stuff to the iTunes Library only to sync the song file to your iDevice.

As soon as you have modified the option of “Manually manage music and videos”, here is now what to do next:

1. Open the music folder where the files are located.

2. Also keep open the iTunes along with.

3. Drag-n-drop the music files from the your music folder to the device’s name in the iTunes.

4. After a little while, the sync will complete (you can observed the sync taking place in status bar).

5. Open up the Music app in iPhone to confirm that the songs has been copied or not.

That is all about. By doing this, you’ll not require the iTunes library sync to Sync the songs and videos.

Apple’s iOS environment makes it nearly extremely hard to sync or copy the music or video files to default music or video app but this drag-and-drop technique can be very useful when you need just to copy a few of files.

If you even now want to copy/paste like as how we normally do among folders, you may have to select 3rd-party music or video apps.

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