Download iFaith 1.5.9 Support New Apple TV Firmware & Bug Fixes

The SHSH blob saving program iH8Sn0w‘s iFaith is updated now to iFaith 1.5.9. With respect to iH8Sn0w’€™s official blog the program has been updated release with support of dumps 2nd generation Apple TV blobs with 5.3 (Built 10B809) running firmware and bug fixes.


Check out the iFaith 1.5.9  complete change log below:

  • 1.5.9:  Now dumps AppleTV 2 models running 5.3/10B809.
  • 1.5.9:  Fixed bug when when building signed IPSWs with iPhone3,2 blobs.
  • 1.5.9:  Fixed bug with apticket validation causing a client-side crash on machines not connected to the internet.

Download iFaith Version 1.5.9 Support New Apple TV Firmware & Bug Fixes

For all those who are not familiar to this tool, actually iFaith is a exclusive tool to save SHSH blobs and APTickets right from your device. This enables you to save the SHSH blobs on iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with running such firmware version that the Apple is not signing, and also not possible with TinyUmbrella even. iFaith also enables you to downgrade the A4 iOS device to earlier firmware version.

So download now iFaith 1.5.9 from above direct link. Keep in mind that this version of iFaith is only for Windows at the moment, the Mac OS X users can utilize the TinyUmbrella to save the SHSH Blobs for Mac signed firmwares only. We have heard that a Mac version of iFaith is under progress, but at this stage there’s no ETA around the corner.

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