How to Recover WiFi Password on Android

Most of Android users may experience the challenge of having lost or forgotten the Wi-Fi password for their android gadgets. It is not uncommon to forget or lost a security password but it has its own repercussions especially with accessibility online. It is essential that an android user understands how to recover a Wi-Fi password on android device.

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It is always a welcome feature if you can use Wi-Fi at the workplace and at about any other place within the course of a day and save on information expenses. This feature on android gadgets allow for downloading which would otherwise be very expensive to be run using the information strategy from your service provider. It is therefore a factor of issue if the Wi-Fi password is forgotten or lost. The android user ends up losing out on so many factors and might end up gathering costs on data usage.


Step By Step Guide To Recover Wi-Fi Passwords on Android

Here is a step by step guide to recover saved Wi-Fi passwords from your Android device. It’s very simple. It is essential for the situation that when the android owner intends to recover Wi-Fi passwords on android to flash a new ROM or a saved password has been forgotten.Step 1: Find the file explorer on your Android phone. The OI File Manager and Root Explorer are two good file explorers.Step 2: Using the file explorer, navigate to the /data/misc/wifi/ or /data/wifi directory depending on the gadget.

Step 3: After once you get here, just find a file named wpa_suppliciant.conf or bcm_supp.conf accordingly as from the two options above.

Step 4: Open to view the file. You will be prompted to choose a text editor with which to open the file. The text viewer file editor is commonly used with the Root explorer.

Step 5: The file will open and gives the data that is supposed about different networks and the passwords to these networks.

This is how the saved Wi-Fi password information will be outlinednetwork={

How to Recover WiFi Password on Android Phones

That is the process on how to restore Wi-Fi password on android gadgets. An android phone user will have successfully located the saves Wi-Fi passwords and will be in a place to accessibility internet regardless of the time of day without unnecessary interference to co employees or buddies. These simple steps on how to recover Wi-Fi password on android devices will help you.

  • Manav

    I dont have any psk= thing i have something called as passphrase

  • Xiu min

    It works thx

  • Dumb_man

    It doesnt work 🙂 it just appers something p2p and like that

  • Reniel

    It doesnt work . /data needs root access. So it dont works well. It cant open the folder /data because it needs a root access. it always says no files even if i can see those files if i allowed the root app on supersu.

  • Rico

    On KIT KAT, the password is showed in Hexadecimal…
    What to do?

  • Jason

    Yes on KITKAT unable to view content of data folder.

  • Muhammad Shaheen

    It is a good post giving us a lot of information about the Recovery WiFi Password on Android. Thank you for publish this valuable post. Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!! Check my site if you want to find the likewise stuff –

  • Nihal Ro Sha N

    Thanks Alot broooo
    It Workssss!!!!!!

  • sujan maharjan

    I uaed es explorer. It works.

  • Derek Antrican

    Again, it depends on your device. I’m using a Moto X and ES Explorer doesn’t see anything (even after turning on “hidden files”) in the data folder. I think some devices come “partially rooted” out of the box and therefore on some devices you can already see inside the data folder.

  • niyati agrawal


    I really appreciate this article.

    I was searching for this information all over the internet but I only found either not-so-funny jokes like this or solutions that never worked

    Your help was great!

  • james

    HAHA that was funny

    but this article was actually useful
    thanks igitblog!

  • Tivakaran Marathia

    this method only works for rooted device

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