How To Fix iTunes Error 3194 Using File Edit and TinyUmbrella Methods

Everyone having iOS devices like iPhone, iPads or iPod Touch, want to run the latest Apple’s firmwares on their iDevices. As you know that recently iOS 7 beta 5 has been released and we are wish to run this firmware on our devices. This kind of material consistently involves flashing stable firmwares on the device.

How To Fix iTunes Error 3194

And another possible case is to downgrade the iOS device to an older version to get some of the jail-breaking beauty in your gadget. In short words if you have ever plugged your iOS gadget to iTunes to play around with the firmware then I am sure that you’d have faced the Error 3194. This is you can say, one of those annoying pop ups which keep coming on iTunes and end up spoiling your mood for weekly working with iOS firmwares.

Today we bring here some solutions to help you fix, if you have been getting iTunes Error 3194.

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File Edit Method To Fix iTunes Error 3194

This maybe a difficult way out and do not work always, but worth the effort. Some people have reported the method did resolve the error but personally, we have never had this one working. If you do not want to download a third party application, the only reason we can come up with for using the registry edit method is, but if you’re willing to play around with the firmware of iOS device like iPhone, downloading a foreign app should not be a big difficulty, here is how to do with this method.

Step No 1:


If you are using a Windows based PC, then you must go to “C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc/” and look for a file named “hosts”. For Mac users, the file would be in /etc/.

Step No 2:

Just open this file now using a text editor such as Notepad and then go to the end of the file.

Step No 3:

Fixing iTunes Error 3194

At the end of this file you’ll notice an IP address “”. Just delete this entry or you may freeze this by using “#” without quotes and save the file after deleting above entry.

Step No 4:

Simply restart iTunes and start the process all over again after saving the file. The iTunes Error 3194 should be resolved and everything would be working find by doing the above steps.

TinyUmbrella Method To Fix iTunes Error

TinyUmbrella is one of the greatest tool for iPhone. I am sure that if you are using iOS devices then you might well have heard about TinyUmbrella. The method given using TinyUmbrella is working both for upgrading as well as for downgrading your iPhone. As TinyUmbrella is mostly used for downgrading to an older firmware on iPhone.

Now just follow the following steps carefully:

Step No 1:

Download the iOS firmware which you want to upgrade to or downgrade to.

Step No 2:

Now download TinyUmbrella on you PC from the following given link.

How To Fix iTunes Errors

Download Tiny Umbrella for Mac and Windows

Step No 3:

iTunes Errors 3194 Fix

Make sure you have closed iTunes, once you have the software installed and ready to go. Open the application and click on “Start TSS Server”.

Step No 4:

Now put your iPhone into DFU mode, and click on Shift+Restore on PC (Windows) or Alt+Restore on iTunes which you should open now and point to  the downloaded firmware in Step No 1 and wait for the update to be finished.

That’s it, your process should begin and hopefully the iTunes error 3194 will no more pop up and the iTunes error 3194 should be fixed.


In any of the above given these 2 methods should be good enough for you to resolve the error 3194. But if it still doesn’t resolve your issue, then make sure the firmware you are using is downloaded from a secured source. And you should try and install iTunes once again if the iTunes error 3194 still does not get fixed.

I am sure this small tip will help you to resolve the issue, that is very common. And let us know the comments area below if these methods resolve the iTunes error 3194.