Get Samsung Galaxy S4 Dual Boot


Excellent news for the lovers of the custom ROMs well, just other kind of ROMs than usually the one you’re using currently. A senior fellow member of XDA Developers handled to get the Samsung Galaxy S4 dual boot. If you don not know accurately what that all means, don’t worry, we will demonstrate it below. If you would like to try this out for on your own and on your personal risk, have a look at the information of the mod.

Dual booting is the opportunity of getting the two Android ROMs running on the same gadget and provides the user the option to switch in between the two when they require. Just like being able to have the Windows and Mac on same computer. This is wonderful for all those people who will like to attempting the new ROMs, as somebody don’t want to wash the device to switch from the Pure Android to another ROM TouchWiz.

Galaxy S4 dual boot

How To Get Samsung Galaxy S4 Dual Boot

Fortunately, the real celebrities are the people on the XDA Developers Forum who’ve designed a few systems to find a way to carry out the dual ROM booting. The next on the menu is the Samsung Galaxy S4.

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In a very little more detail, the senior member of XDA Grarak has designed a mod that enables the dual boot ROMs on the Galaxy S4 with no backups or wiping the device. The key ROM does require to be the Samsung TouchWiz one, but you may select some other ROM that is based upon Android Open Source Venture, so actually, a lot of options.

Galaxy S4 dual boot

On the other hand, as cautioned on XDA Developers Forum, this Galaxy S4 dual boot is certainly not a easy matter to have running your gadget and the mod remains in Alpha stage. Therefore, please bear in mind of the risks connected with attempting anything like this, and usually be sure to backup the data.

Check out the forum post here.

Source  ( XDA Developers Forum)