Guide To Schedule SMS Text Messages On iOS 9 [No Jailbreak]

If somebody looking for a technique to schedule SMS text messages on iOS 9 based device. Certainly it is not an novel one but it is very difficult on iOS devices such as iPhone or iPad because it a little more difficult. When the device is jailbroken it is rather very task but those who don’t have a jailbroken device and want to do this which is not so easy because there as no tweak or 3rd part app available to use. But we find an app which help you to schedule SMS text messages on your own iOS device.

The iOS’s stock app for messages is really a great app, but it doesn’t give any such offer to schedule the text messages for specific time. As Apple has no worry for this but an app called Delayd can do this for you.

Delayed app

Guide To Schedule SMS Text Messages On iOS 9

You will find different apps on App Store claiming to automatically schedule your messages but they do nothing at all except Delayd app which specifically designed for this. If you get tired of testing such apps then you should test this app. The Delayd app automatically send your scheduled messages on specified time. You need to set a specific date and time and then tap on Schedule button and just relax. And the moment the message is delivered you will get the notification.

 Delayed app

Delay also allow you schedule your text messages to send on different time intervals. The app is very easy to schedule your messages as it offers a very clean layout and relevant tabs. Furthermore the app also allow you send emails, tweets on Twitter and Facebook status updates as well.

Delayed app

(Download: Delayd app for iPhone from App Store)

One thing you need to keep in mind that Delayd app using its own servers for sending and receiving scheduled SMS on iOS devices due to Apple’s limitations. This is why the recipient cannot reply direct to you as the recipient cannot see your phone number. You should include your real number or email in the message so the recipient recognize you.

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    You might like Scheduled! Scheduled is available worldwide for iOS. It sends you a notification which reminds you of a scheduled message, you can then easily send the message through the platform of your choice.

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