Trick To Hide iPhone Dock Without Jailbreak [iPhone Tricks]

If you have a non-jailbroken iPhone, iPad in your hands running on latest iOS version, it means there are lots of extensions and tweaks you are missing. But don’t get frustrated, here we find another iPhone trick to hide iPhone dock without jailbreak. This trick is basically possible just because of a new wallpaper rendering bug in different iOS versions including iOS 9.3. Check out the article for more detail.

iPhone trick

As you know, lots of things you can’t perform on your iOS device without it being jailbreak. On the other hand, there are few things that you can even perform without even jailbreak. We are going to tell you to a step by step procedure to perform a little iPhone trick here.

Trick To Hide iPhone Dock Without Jailbreak

This is similar iPhone rounded folder trick we discuss in our previous post. It utilizes the same wallpaper glitch exploited in rounded folder trick to hide your iPhone dock to give you a clean Home screen.

You can apply this iPhone trick on iOS 9.1, iOS 9.3 and couple of other iOS versions [Redmondpie]- but not tested on all versions. Here are the steps you can follow:

  • Visit the following URL to find the wallpaper you need to make this possible:
  • Tap and hold on the wallpaper, then select “Save Image”
  • Go into the Photos app, find the wallpaper you just saved, then tap the share button
  • Tap “Use as Wallpaper”
  • Tap “Still,” then tap “Set”

iPhone trick

  • Choose “Set Home Screen” and note that you can use any wallpaper for your lock screen
  • Return to the home screen

[Source: Redmondpie]

After applying the above given steps, the dock will vanished giving you a clean a clear Home screen without any dock. If want to unhide the dock simply change the wallpaper and the iPhone dock will re-appear.

Just check and apply this iPhone trick and never get attached with this trick for long, because Apple will definitely do away with this glitch in new iOS update very soon. For the time being, it is very nice and clean way to hide your iPhone dock on Home screen.

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