Step By Step Guide For Pegasus iPhone spyware Removal

Pegasus iPhone spyware

Pegasus iPhone spyware removal guide is given below. All who want to remove Pegasus spyware from their infected iPhone, iPad or iPod touch need to read this article.

But one thing you need to bear in mind is that iOS firmwares prior to iOS 9.3.5 may contain this vulnerability, and second thing you have to find out whether your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is infected by this malicious spyware or not.

If the answer is yes and your iOS device is also infected by Pegasus spyware, then needless to say you have to go through this entire process in order to clean your iOS device from this threat. Just follow the below given procedure and your device will not have this malicious code anymore.

Step By Step Guide For Pegasus iPhone spyware Removal

All devices are vulnerable to this malicious iPhone Spyware whether it jailbroken or not, even the jailbroken iPhone, iPad or more insecure than non-jailbroken devices.

 For Non-jailbroken devices:

It is relatively easy for non-jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch owners to clean their device from any malicious iPhone Spyware. All they need to upgrade their iPhone, iPad to latest iOS firmware which is iOS 9.3.5 at this point of time.

For upgrading your iPhone or iPad navigate to Settings –> General –> Software Update for OTA (over-the-air). And if you like a complete restore using iTunes, then download iOS 9.3.5 IPSW file to restore.

For Jailbroken devices:

If your jailbroken device is infected by Pegasus iPhone spyware, if not then definitely no further action is required.

  • If the malicious code is available on your jailbroken device, then launch Cydia and just add following repository:
  • After installing the above repository, search for Perl package and install it on your device
  • After doing this add another repository to Cydia:
  • After adding the repository, again search for pgcheck package, and install it on your device
  • After successful installation of above two packages, just reboot your device and put back your device into jailbreak mode.

After device reboot, the pgcheck package will do everything for you in background. It will notify you with alert that Pegasus iPhone spyware is there, and the Airplane mode will activated automatically to avoid any network attacker. Finally the pgcheck package will perform the removal process to remove Pegasus iPhone spyware from your iOS device.

Pegasus iPhone spyware
Step By Step Guide For Pegasus iPhone spyware Removal
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