5 Reasons Why You Should Always Get an iPhone Monitoring Software without Jailbreak

Smartphone monitoring apps—we have heard of them before. They let us monitor smartphones and tablets remotely from anywhere just using a computer or mobile phone. This means a lot of convenience for parents and employers who want to closely monitor the digital space around them. If you are already using a spy app for monitoring someone’s iPhones or iPads, take a look at these 5 fat reasons why you should always get an iPhone monitoring software without jailbreak.

XNSPLY for iPhone 2

1.      Nojailbreak is cheaper

As a parent, if you are constrained financially, you need to cut out on your expenses wherever you can. With a No-Jailbreak app from XNSPY, you can start monitoring kids at just $8.33/month. This app is not only affordable, but a real contender for the best iPhone monitoring app out there.

2.      Easy iCloud setup

Every iOS monitoring app that works without jailbreak uses the iCloud account of the target user for its operation. It’s very simple—no download or installation. To add a device to your Control Panel, you just the need iCloud credentials (username and password) of the target that you want to monitor on. On the contrary, jailbreaks apps need you to manually download and install the app onto a device using iTunes, which is pretty nasty and time-consuming.

3.      No Jailbreak required

If you have recently got your child a new iPhone or iPad, then you really wouldn’t want to void the warranty of the newly bought device. That’s why, nojailbreak apps are best for iOS users owning latest devices. Make sure you get an app that works with the latest iOS. XNSPY works with all iOS 9 devices. There are other reasons why you should never jailbreak your kids’ iPhones, because it doesn’t just strip you off the warranty, but also makes your iOS devices more vulnerable to external threats like hacking.

4.      Easier to use

iCloud spy apps are comparatively easier to use, because of their simpler features. XNSPY offers a completely unique and parental-friendly interface that makes it a better app than other parental control apps. You can trust on us for this. Managing accounts on other iPhone monitoring apps is not a smooth as it is on Xnspy.

5.      Your kids won’t hate being monitored

Your kids can’t even take a few minutes of alienation from their Phones. You can try this, if you haven’t. It’s the most difficult part that you go through while dealing with the jailbreak apps. Also, with jailbreak apps, you would be left with no chance of monitoring your kids discreetly.

No more bedtime blues

It isn’t just about Jailbreak or Nojailbreak. If you don’t want any more bedtime blues, then XNSPY is just what you need. It’s the most affordable iPhone monitoring software without jailbreak with many other useful features like tracking calls, SMS, emails, contacts, web-browsing history. You can also access saved calendar entries, installed apps list and WhatsApp chats, multimedia and call logs.

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