Download Unlimited Opera VPN For iPhone, iPad For Free Now

A VPN (virtual private network), allow you to browse the internet securely, freely with privacy as well. Data is routed on special servers and you can access restricted content as well. Like other smartphones iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad have built-in VPN feature all you need to configure it. Here we are with a new Opera VPN app to download an unlimited VPN for iPhone, iPad for free. You can find the download link down below.

Some VPNs are paid and some are free, but all of them having some terms and condition to use and to abide by, unless you have your own. Basically the paid VPN are more secure than free ones, but even though some free VPNs are so good to use.

There several usage of using VPN and one is to protect you from different snoopers and hackers attacks when you are connecting with an internet server for data transformation. The other uses are:

  • VPNs help secure you on insecure networks
  • VPNs can spoof your location
  • VPNs can encrypt your data
  • VPNs can get you around institutional blocks

Download Unlimited Opera VPN For iPhone, iPad For Free Now

SurfEasy purchased by Opera this past year, which is a backbone for their free VPN app. For those who want a pro version of VPN, SurfEasy is even now offering a paid VPN version which includes a complete VPN features. This is akin to the service that recently offered by Opera developer preview of their desktop version.

VPN for iPhone

Opera offers 2 in 1 app, because Opera also provides ad blocker along with the tracker blocker instead of having two apps one for ad blocker and second for tracker blocker, you have one for both. By default both these features are enabled in this free VPN solution.

As always, anything comes free with some compromises. Opera needs to get something from this free offering VPN for iPhone, and they actually do. The aim is to increase browser fans. At the moment, Opera is among top 5 browsers by having a big marketshare. Google also pay Opera when they set Google as default search option. Therefore Opera motivate people to use their Opera browser, to increase their revenue.

Download free Opera VPN for iPhone