How To Transfer Old iPhone SMS/iMessages To iPhone 5/5s

Shifting old iPhone SMS or iMessages to a new iPhone such as iPhone 5/5s  is one of most wanted things by every iPhone users who buy a new one. Actually, we’ll expand this for Android and BlackBerry users as well: any body having a brand new iPhone really wishes to know that how to transfer old iPhone SMS/iMessages to new iPhone 5/5s.


If you already have a good backups (usinf iTunes or even iCloud), it is will be a very simple procedure to do. You have to restore the old backup to new device and all the iMessages will be there like magic. But if you don’t wish to use old backups or not available, then  the real hassle starts there. But don’t worry, here’s a simple solution for all such users.

Transfer Old iPhone SMS/iMessages To iPhone 5/5s

Until we are dealing with a regular backup & restore, we’ve to depend upon 3rd-party applications to perform this. Here we got a simple app called iBackupBot which is really good to show its magic.

iBackupBot isn’t the quickest way (but it is rather easy one) and the most affordable way to transfer old iPhone SMS/iMessages to a new one. Please keep in mind that iBackupBot is effective for two iPhones or iPads only.

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Steps To Transfer Old iPhone SMS/iMessages To iPhone 5/5s

  • First of all download & install iBackupBot application on computer
  • Connect the old iPhone to PC
  • Launch iBackupBot
  • In side-bar of iBackupBot, simply click on the device name
  • Click the BackUp in right pane
  • Now, take out the old iPhone and then connect your new iPhone
  • In side bar, just hit the “+” icon near to this new device name
  • Click the “+” button close to the User App Files
  • Click the “User Information Manager
  • On right side click the Messages tab again
  • And just click the Restore option


  • You will get the following window for Restore Options. Leave the default settings mode and just click the OK button


  • Your new iPhone will move through a restore process and will reboot automatically. As soon as the device reboots, you will see all the old iPhone SMS/iMessages on new iPhone as well.

You should be aware that when your device in restore phase, the iBackupBot actually writes all the SMS/iMessage data on new iPhone. So you will lose some of SMS data if you remove the new iPhone from computer just before the restore is completed.