How To Fix iPhone 4 With iOS 7.0 Typing Delay Issue

iOS 7 included more amazing effects and many excellent features, but it is relatively overloaded for the iPhone 4 with 512M RAM, a lot of iPhone 4 customers reported the delay when typing in  the iOS 7, some time the keyboard even require 5 to 15 seconds. It will certainly deliver a bad experience and cause you to downgrade back to iOS 6 immediately, but it is very ate now, as Apple has stopped the iOS 6.1.3 signing for iPhone 4, so you could only keep the iOS 7 and continue to experience these undesirable lags, but don’t worry here we’ve some to that will show you how to fix iPhone 4 with iOS 7.0 typing delay issue.


Nevertheless, there is an simple way to deal with this keyboard lagging issue, but it is a temporary fix instead of permanent one, because we are expecting that Apple will notice this bug and issue a little update to resolve it in near future. The keyboard lag issue can be found inside iCloud, that’s an unusual place to have this keyboard lag issue, but a lot of iPhone 4s users have already effected by this issue.

It really is very easy to deal with this typing delay issue on iPhone 4, you just log on to iCloud in settings app of iOS 7, close the option named “Documents & Data”, then the problem could be satisfactorily fixed. Even though you might feel this way strange, but it is actually very useful.

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How To Fix iPhone 4 With iOS 7.0 Typing Delay Issue

Step 1: Go-to iOS 7 Settings app -> iCloud


Step 2: Log on to iCloud with the Apple ID


Step 3: Locate the option named Documents & Data, which can be found above the “Find My iPhon”e, then simply tap on it.


Step 4: It will open a different window where you will found the toggle switch. Toggle it off if it currently on.


After stopping the Documents & Data, the keyboard should really work fine, but make sure to open the iMessage or some other typing app and check it out to ensure that the issue is resolved. After that, you can toggle it back to on for Documents & Data sync if you really need, but when you open the iCloud -> Storage and Backup option, the keyboard issue will appear again (according to some iPhone 4 users), so you will have to turn-off the Documents & Data sync once again if you decide to do that.

Surprisingly, as this remedy is nearly fixed iPhone 4 with iOS 7.0 typing delay issue the users have come across. You can open the Settings app and go to General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings. It will reset the settings only  and will not delete any important data or media that you’ve stored on gadget, but you will have to get back in Settings app and modify almost everything back to how you’d them before. On the other hand, we are informed that this worked well to fix the keyboard lag issue.

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