How To Save Pictures To SD Card Directly Using Galaxy Devices

Android features many little tweaks and for newbies it can generally be seen as a problem when first getting started. I’m sure that many people having the Samsung Galaxy S3 do not even know how to save pictures to SD card directly: and this little tutorial is for those.


The procedure is very easy. Even though I mentioned the Samsung devices in the post title, because exactly the same procedure can be applied for any latest Samsung models such as Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, Mini, Galaxy S4 etc. It is not the device which will pose constraints for not being able to finish this process, but the operating system version.

Saving Pictures Onto SD Card Directly On Galaxy Devices

Certainly the very first thing you need to store pictures right in the  SD card. As soon as inserted that, you need to simply open the camera app where a message will show up indicating would you like to change your storage location to SD card?

Just accept this option to make sure that future images are saved in the mobile’s external memory. Now, if for some reason this message does not appear, you need to change it yourself. To get this done, just you’ve to go-to the camera app’s settings and here scroll down to the storage options. That is where you’re able to select between Memory or Card Device.


Thanks a lot to the user suggestion, we all know that with this release of Android, pictures are stored in internal memory and you cannot modify this option. Actually the user offers as a real solution for this that download the MX Camera app. Here we’re going to locate the options to set the destination storage for our camera photos.

Just open the MX Camera app and then go-to the Settings- > Camera and then “Custom save location”.


Download MX Camera app

  • Richard

    I have installed Camera MX but no temporary folder was created when I chose the option to save to the SD Card. Any ideas where photos would photos would be saved?

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