Transfer iPhone Text Messages To PC or Mac [How-To]

Today Messaging is a fashion as everybody love to send messages to their loving friends and family members. As text messages is a very convenient way to communicate with other. Sometimes you want to save some of your friends interesting messages most probably on PC or Mac, then the question is come in your mind that how to do that, and the answer is here that how to transfer iPhone text Messages to PC or Mac using a tool called Backup trans which allow you to transfer iPhone messages to your PC or Mac and it also enables you to edit them as well.


transfer iphone messages

iPhone Backup/restore using iTunes or by some other means is possible but it becomes difficult sometimes. Down below a very simple solution to export iPhone text messages to your computer and then restore it to other iPhone or iPad. Especially people who buy a new iPhone try to find a way to copy old iPhone data to new one.

Transfer iPhone Text Messages To PC or Mac [How-To]

Backup trans is one of the easiest way to export your text messages to your PC or Mac. It not carrying a huge round about approach to execute the task. Using this useful tool you can transfer, and manipulate text messages very easily.

  • After downloading the software install and launch it on your PC or Mac
  • Using a lighting cable connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac

There are different features available in this tool:

  • It provides you to create a local copy of messages on your computer and also allow you to print these
  • The output format can be word, text, CSV or html
  • Copy these files to another iPhone
  • Extract message from old backup iTunes
  • A user friendly interface
  • It is 100% safe to install
  • You can use it offline without any internet connection
  • Easy to search/filter Messages
  • Support upgrade to new version
  • Available for both Windows (Windows 7, 8 Windows 10) and Mac (OS X 10.7 to 10.10).

It is good to see such tools to transfer iPhone text Messages to PC or Mac with lots of other features and option.