How-To Make Cellular Data On Off For Specific iPhone App

Cellular data is one of precious things these days; because it allows you to access internet data by using any favorite app even if there is no Wi-Fi network around. But usually the carriers impose some limits on their users. Due to this, iOS incorporates a built-in feature which enable you to limit installed apps to access internet by making use of cellular data. This is very useful to restrict data hungry apps from an unwanted monthly cellular bill. Down here you can find a very simple cellular data on off procedure for specific iPhone app.

Cellular Data On Off

There are some apps which will use your mobile data when there is no Wi-Fi network in range; unless you configure such apps manually that they not use your cellular data.

Twitter, Facebook, Mail and few other apps are always checking for updates and push notifications which make these apps a data hungry apps in background. Therefor Apple disable iCloud backups by default when cellular data is on.

But apps running in background are not the only ones to worry about. Any app you open which needs some internet access will definitely consume your monthly data plan.

How-To Cellular Data On Off For Specific iPhone App

Luckily, it is possible to manage what apps are important to you to use your data plan. Check out here.

  • On your iPhone or iPad launch the Settings app
  • Open Cellular preferences pane, and here scroll-down you will see a list of apps along with Cellular data on off
    toggle switches under USE CELLULAR DATA FOR:

Cellular Data On Off

  • Here just toggle off the switch for specific apps to stop the apps from accessing your mobile data plan.’

Every app in this list having a green switch means those apps will access the internet whenever the mobile data is on. Apps for which the switch is off will not access the internet even they are running in background.

Cellular data on off is very useful to stop certain apps from accessing internet when you are not in range of known Wi-Fi networks. And you need to use your mobile data for checking email or some other useful work and don’t want the other apps running in background to eat your mobile data plan silently.