How-To Reset Lock-Screen Password, PIN, Pattern On Android 5.x / 6.x

Usually people like to have some type security on their Android devices by applying the pattern lock, password or PIN on their device lock-screen. But sometimes people fail to remember their device lock pattern or password, which become an irritating matter for Android users. Here’s just go through this to learn how to reset lock-screen, password, PIN, pattern on Android 5.x / 6.x with easy trick



The moment you waste your tries to unlock the device it does not  automatically erase the device contents. It just ask you to unlock this in a different way – having a backup PIN you have already setup or having the Google account information on device. As soon as you have waste your tries, you will see a pop-up window informing you to hold back to retry and with the prompt in the bottom, so either use the PIN or just enter the Google account information and sign-in.

How-To Reset Lock-Screen Password, PIN, Pattern on Android Android 5.x / 6.x

To follow below given steps we are assuming that you have already enabled Android Device Manager on your Android device or tablet.

  • On your computer browser, open URL
  • Now simply sign-up with Google account which is already associated with your device
  • After getting logged on Android Device Manager site select your device
  • Three buttons Ring, Lock, and Erase will be showing
  • Select Lock, and type new password and enter again for confirmation and click Lock button
  • A password field will show on your Android device, just enter a new password to unlock device

After unlocking the device open screen settings from device Settings and disable the last given password (which is actually a temporary one)

Are you bypass Android lock-screen or not. One thing is important that write down the pattern or pass-code of your device lock screen on a piece of paper to avoid such type of hassle next time.