How To Fix 3G & 4G Not Working On iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus

Everyone is much excited to get a new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus because holding this new device giving some edge to its owner on other smartphones. With lots of new features, some users reported that they are facing some issues that the camera app is getting freezes and unresponsive touchscreen etc but the main issue faced by these users is that 3G and LTE are not working on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. We’ve a detailed guide with very simple solutions here to fix 3G & 4G issue on Apple’s flagship devices.


People try everything to solve such type of issue related to network connectivity on their devices but failed to get a solution and then wandering around the internet to find out some sort of fix and here the right place for all those.

1: Check Cellular Connection First

  • Open Settings app – > Mobile
  • And then turn off / on these setting few times to solve this issue

2: Switch to Airplane Mode

  • Open Settings app – > Airplane Mode
  • And turn-on the Airplane Mode and then after few seconds turn-off it again which might solve the 3G or 4G connectivity issue

3: Remove the SIM Card and Reboot the device

  • Turn-off your iPhone
  • Remove the SIM card and then insert it again
  • Hard reset your iPhone 6 by press and holding down sleep/wake buttons together

4: Turn-Off the device SIM PIN

  • Open Settings app – >  Phone – >  Switch-off the SIM PIN

If you have enabled this option on your device accidentally which is normally used to prevent access to cellular data network while some carriers enabled the SIM PIN by default, so you have to contact your carrier to check whether it is enabled or not.

5: Reset Network Settings:

If resetting a device doesn’t work, then reset your device Network settings that actually fix many network related problems. Please be aware that it will clear your existing Wi-Fi and cellular settings, which includes Wi-Fi passwords, saved networks and also the VPN settings, so you’ll need to configure these networks settings again. To do this:

  • Open Settings app
  • Go-to the General > Reset option
  • Tap the option called “Reset Network Settings
  • A pop-up message will appear for confirmation just tap on Reset Network Settings to carry on
  • Your device will reboot.

6: Get The Latest iOS Firmware:

Occasionally this problem occurs if the device’s firmware is not updated, to apply a firmware update just navigate to “Settings -> General -> Software update” and get the latest firmware.

Restore Via iTunes:

This is the last option for when the above methods fails to solve the problem. You should apply a complete restore using iTunes which will reset your device to factory setting and all your device data and settings will be erased. To do this just connect your device with your computer and launch iTunes and click on your device and hit the Restore button which will restore your device just hang on until the process is completed. You can check our guide Easy Way To Restore Jailbroken iPhone To Factory Settings.

We hope that one of the above mentioned methods will resolve this 3G & 4G issue on your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, if you apply these methods properly. But if the said issue is still there after applying the complete restore then we think that there is definitely device hardware problem. Just go to Apple service center if your device is under warranty just get a replacement.

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