How to Change Apple ID On iPhone Using Cydia

Apple ID is something which every iOS user need in order to download apps from App Store or iTunes store, using iCloud on iOS device, making reservation on Apple Retail Store, accessing Apple Support site and more. But some people have multiple Apple IDs and they want to change their Apple ID on their iOS device to perform different tasks. For instance using unique Apple ID on App Store so that you can download various contents from different countries. Or while handing over your own iPhone to somebody else you need to change your Apple ID, no matter whats the reason is down here find a very easy method to change Apple ID on iPhone using Cydia.

Apple ID

When you change the Apple ID, you need to Sign-in to all the Apple services again, which you are using which includes App Store, iTunes, iCloud etc. The good thing is, changing Apple ID is not so difficult.

How-To Change Apple ID On iPhone Using Cydia

The jailbroken device owner have the option now to switch between App Store Apple IDs by using a Cydia tweak named IDBox. You need only few steps to switch between Apple IDs by using this jailbreak tweak. Here are the steps to follow:

  • First you need to Install the tweak called IDBox from Cydia
  • Now launch the App Store and at the bottom you will find a new button for ID Box just hit this

ID Box

  • All your existing IDs will be shown in list form

ID Box

  • Just select your account by tapping on it and the Apple ID will changed accordingly.

That’s all! People who have jailbroken devices in their hands can grab this ID Box tweak for free from Cydia BigBoss repo. One thing more to effectively using this tweak you’ll need a license to purchase for $1.49 that can be used on three different iOS devices.

While changing Apple ID on your device, it is important to note that sometimes it will cause you some troubles and you’ll need to Sign-in to all the Apple services once again.

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