Ultimate Guide To Calibrate iPhone 6s Battery

One of the big issues with smartphones these days are in fact the battery life, even though that major companies are carrying out their job on improving the battery life. The same case for iPhone as it has a very good battery life, but for some users it is not a 100% case. That’s why it is so important to calibrate iPhone battery. And here we are with another ultimate guide to calibrate iPhone 6s battery  on your own. Check out more details.

calibrate iPhone 6s battery

Basically two reasons to calibrate iPhone battery: this will help the software to estimate the battery range in addition to improve the battery health. You need to calibrate your iPhone, iPad after every iOS upgrade. If you face some poor battery performance on your iPhone then simply do it.

The main factor which impose you is that battery draining and recharging frequently cause the battery ions keep moving. For maximum performance lithium ion batteries need constant usage. Apple also suggests this procedure.

Ultimate Guide To Calibrate iPhone 6s Battery

To calculate 100 % battery range a full battery draining and recharging is needed. Although people are doubtful of this.

To calibrate your iPhone battery just follow these steps:

  • First of all you need to run your iPhone’s battery down to zero, in other words you need to fully drain your device battery until your device power off automatically
  • Now pick an official iPhone charger and plug your iPhone for charging for completer and 100% recharge
  • Leave your iPhone on charge for another hour before unplugging it
  • Power off your device while charging your device
  • Power on back your device simply by pressing device sleep/wake button for a second
  • One thing is important here while your device is booting hold down home and sleep buttons together until Apple logo appear
  • After loading Home screen just unplug your device and that’s it.

Following the above given steps requires a little effort, but you will get the most out of your iPhone battery.

It should be noted that, with the passage of time the retention rates of your iPhone battery will decrease. But performing such type of procedure to calibrate iPhone 6s  battery will keep your device battery alive.