Here is: How to Fix iTunes Error 40 After Upgrading To iOS 6 (Tutorial)

A lot of people experienced several iTunes errors after upgrading to iOS version 6 or iOS 6.x, which avoid them from using the service properly. But if you gets the iTunes error 40, then I am telling you that there is a solution for this issue. The problem happens due to an issue with the components or software security issue. Sometimes, these files avoid The apple from linking to its server to be able to examine the firmware version properly.

Each time a recovery is made, Apple requires to contact its server to be able to examine if that IPSW is signed or unsigned. Apple also confirms the validity of the specific firmware. In this case, if the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is incapable to get connected to the Apple Store, the iTunes error 40 occurs.

How To Fix iTunes Error 40 (1)

Therefore, to be able to fix the issue, customers should follow below tutorial. If the following guidelines are followed properly, the iTunes error 40 should vanish. In case you still experience the same issue, you should revise the process once again.

How To Fix iTunes Error 40 (Step By Step Guide)

First of all you need to use a PC (Windows Installed). Secondly, you require the newest iTunes version already installed on your laptop or computer and an USB wire to be able to link your gadget to your PC or laptop. The cable should offer a proper connection to be able to fix the issue.

Step No 1. When you want to begin the process, you need to shut all running applications on your laptop or computer to avoid them from interfering in any way with iTunes.

Step No 2. Now restart your PC and close the anti-virus software, which you are using to avoid firewall protection etc. In some cases, the anti-virus might reject access to particular files.

Step No 3. Within a random directory, simply just click Organize, Folder and Look for Options and reveal all invisible drives and folders. For this, check the Show Hidden files and drives options.

Step No 4. Now Search for for Notepad and choose Run as Administrator.

Step No 5. Within the Notepad screen window, just click Open at the top left screen. This will permit you to navigate through the file.

Step No 6. After Step No 5, go to C:WindowsSystem32driversetc.

Step No 7. You may now see an empty folder. However, you need to change the options from the box in the right side of the screen under Text documents to all files option.

Step No 8. At this , Choose Hosts and Notepad will display, an example of hosts files used by Microsoft for Windows is shown below.

How To Fix iTunes Error 40 (2)
Step No 9. Now remove all links you see within the Notepad windows file, except for those you see in the image.

Step No 10. In order to protect all changes, you need to simply just click File, Save and quit Notepad.

Step No 11. After completing Step No 10, open iTunes and connect your gadget to your PC using the USB cable.

Step No 12. Now by pressing Shift key, simply click on Restore.

Step No 13. Once again restore you idevice using stock IPSW files.

Its done. After performing all the above steps, the iTunes error 40 should be fixed. If you experience any other problems, you should repeat the process once again. It is advisable to use a different PC, when you start the restore, if you see no difference.

  • Neelia Natnimus


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