Unlock iPhone On Carrier Network: Here’s How

When you buy a new iPhone, most probably that the new iPhone locked to a specific carrier’s network. This is not a big issue, but if you travel quite frequently or decide to switch to another carrier network then it could be a big problem for you. In past it was quite easy by jailbreaking and installing unlock software. But now Apple has already patched so many exploits that unlock an iPhone is become more difficult. Here you can follow a simple guide to unlock iPhone on specific carrier network. Check out for more details.

unlock iphone

Here we are covering iPhone unlock on AT&T network. For example if you buy a new iPhone from AT&T; it will most likely be locked specifically to AT&T’s network. But it doesn’t mean that it is permanently locked. There is a very simple procedure to send an unlock request to carrier network like AT&T to unlock your iPhone. But you must aware of some restrictions and prerequisites to send an unlock request.

Unlock iPhone requires some prerequisites

There are some requirements you’ll need to know, before sending an unlock request to network.

  • The phone must be locked to AT&T (of course).
  • It can’t be reported as lost or stolen (also, of course).
  • It can’t be associated with fraudulent or illegal activity (see where we’re going here?).
  • All of your iPhone’s service commitments and installment plans are completed, and all early termination fees are paid in full.
  • The phone is only active on your AT&T customer’s account.
  • If you just upgraded your iPhone, you must wait the 14-day “buyer’s remorse” period before you can request to unlock your previous device.

Mostly purchased iPhones are factory unlocked and some requires 3rd party software to unlock, but it is very expensive. Your network carrier will offer you this without any cost.

Unlock iPhone On Carrier Network: Here’s How

Here are couple of easy steps to unlock an iPhone over AT&T network.

  • Read the eligibility requirements and agree to unlock your iPhone
  • Complete the unlock request form and submit the form
  • You will get an email for confirmation with your unlock request number
  • You will also find a link in the email just click the link  to confirm your unlock request
  • AT&T will respond within two business days
  • If your request is approved, the company will send you some instructions to unlock your iPhone.

Note: The carrier network has the right to deny any request and may need you to complete additional steps before they say yes.

So hopefully you learned how to unlock iPhone on a specific carrier network. Unlock iPhone means you can use your device on any network just by inserting the SIM card.