Trick To Download Flappy Bird From Play Store

As we already know that Flappy Bird is gone from Play Store, but as we shared a couple of days back that Flappy Bird APK is available, but if you are not cozy with such installation an unauthorized APK from a such file hosting website which you can not validate, specifically getting all the malware in clones stories for Flappy Bird flying around, then don’t worry for the reason that we simply discovered a way that trick to download Flappy Bird from Play Store on any device, despite the fact that it has been removed. Yes, follow us to do so and it is astonishingly so simple.

Flappy Bird

Download Flappy Bird

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How To Download Flappy Bird For Android

All you have to try to do is find the device on which you need to install Flappy Bird on that and add a Google account of somebody (maybe your close friend), who had already installed the Flappy Bird on his device. The moment you have added that Google account to your device, then just head to the Google Play Store and just swipe-out device navigation drawer and go-to “My Apps” for already installed app (actually installed by that account). The Flappy Bird will show up in list of the installed apps (whether her uninstall Flappy Bird or not) and you can now visit the “now-removed app profile page” and here just install the Flappy Bird as you’d normally.

Flappy Bird

Once you have installed the game then just remove the Google account of your friend from your device, log on with your own back and now you’ll have the lovely Flappy Bird game on your own device from Play Store to play, which is actually taken out officially. We are not sure that this special trick will deliver the results for a long time, so be happy to share this trick with your close friends who left out when Flappy Bird was out there on Google Play Store.

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