Famous iOS Hacker Pod2g Thinking About Android


In an surprising move from the well-known iOS hacker Pod2G, he’s just declared on his Twitter account that he could switch to the Android devices, due to the fact he is very suffered from iOS 7 expressing that iOS 7 design is terrible, it is really slow, battery life is the most severe ever and last but not least it is actually full of User Interface bugs and crashes.



Obviously, this does not indicate that pod2g is completely quitting on iOS — as he identifies, it is actually just a beta verion after all. But   for a switch to Android, the probability exists. The pod2g, a crucial member of Evad3rs dev team who introduced evasi0n, the program that authorized users to jailbreak their idevices on iOS 6 to iOS 6.1.2.

Few tweaks he tweeted:

And here is   the second tweet he is stating in it that he is about to switch to the Android devices because of what he have saw in iOS 7.
Marking Apple’s new product as being kid painting, awful, and chastising it for lack of innovation — pod2g is obviously disappointed, that he believes Apple has taken. He is not the just one to voice over iOS 7 inside the jailbreak community, but he is undoubtedly the biggest voice to say this.With Saurik’s current exploration of the Android, and pod2g’s latest sentiments, what is your opinion about the future of jail-breaking on iOS gadgets? I hope after some time, the pod2g’s emotions will change. There is no way, if pod2g leave iOS completely, it will be a major knock against jail-breaking. That is not to state that the jailbreaking would not go on, but it does, definitely be a massive blow to the jailbreak community.
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