Top 3 iPhone Puzzle Games [2014]

If there is one classification of games which has grabbed the highest possible user-base, it would be definitely the puzzle games. The puzzle games are really provide the real amusement one would like. Play such games for ten minutes or even play for 10 hours, you will never bore from such games and the puzzle games for smart phone are an excellent way to pass you free time.

iPhone Puzzle Games

Here we have a list of top 3 iPhone puzzle games which you can download for free from play store.

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Candy Crush Saga:

Candy Crush don’t needs any introduction because of its reputation. It’s simply a new edition of classic puzzle game called Bejeweled, but there is at every level of the game some more thing to play. The Candy Crush is actually a game of battle of wits, with colorful candies, and endless game if you really want to play. The Room Two warning is applicable here as well: a real addiction for lot of gamers.

Price: Free

[appbox appstore id553834731]


Connecting the little dots and go up the leader board. More rapidly you connect the dots and connecting for longer time, you will more better. The goal is to finish the connecting of dots in as small time as you possibly can. Dots is ranked as the ideal puzzle games on Apple Store by many publications. It offers four different level: the Timed one, Endless, Moves and the Challenges. The integration of Game Center make this a true addictive simply because you can contend with an incredible number of gamers who are as much passionate to the Dots.

Price: Free

[appbox appstore id632285588]


Bejeweled is the very first game in the puzzle world which includes identical diamonds aligned them and finished out the board. It grabbed the focus of different age of people until now and on Apple gadget such as iPhone, it seems more exciting what with better graphics and outrageous game play. Same as the Dots, you will find the same game modes from which you can select your own sort of challenge you really want to play.

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