Top 5 Arcade Games For iPhone And iPad In Aug 2013

Arcade games are normally experienced by everybody whether it is a child or an old man. Arcade game is a kind of game category which is a fast moving action game that needs close coordination of hand-eye to play. So these sorts of games clicks every one. For that reason we’ve put together the list of Top 5 Arcade games for iPhone (iPhone Games) and iPad in Aug 2013. Check out below.

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List Of Top 5 Arcade iPhone Games For iPhone & iPad


Top 5 Arcade Games

Pac-Man is developed by the Namco. Pac-Man became popular by making a new category when it got introduced. Pac-Man demands to run via maze and try to eat all the dots. You will discover four coloured opponents (Ghosts). Red, orange, pink and cyan. If any one hits the Pac-Man, a life will be lost. I do not think you really need an intro for Pac-man, as it really is the most crazy game ever.

Price: $4.99


Top 5 Arcade Games

Whale trail is about flying a whale run by the magic rainbows. It is among the most best and unlimited runner games all around. The perfect sound effects causes it to be more appealing. Fly neatly and score as much as points you want to.

Price: $0.99


Top 5 Arcade Games

Hook Worlds has unique three stages, each one containing its own character. The ideal game up to now. Grabbing the hooks for moving. Aim to survive for a longer time to make more points. The game is truly fascinating. Hook World very pleasant when friends competing you with high scores. The for longer time you run, the better your score. Your distance and time are shown at top of the games screen, but aim to keep the eyes on level.

Price: $0.99.



Angry Birds is among the most popular games out at the moment. Players utilize a sling shot to kick off birds to kill the pigs concealed below the blocks. The graphics and sound effects make a joyful and wonderful world. This game includes several assaults. A few of them are the Angry Birds Rio, the Angry Birds Space, and Angry Birds Star Wars. Angry Birds is becoming among the highest loving games of all the times.

Price: $0.99



Fruit Ninja also identified as the fruit-chopping game in the game world is on top of the list. The player cuts the fruits with a blade manipulated via touch. The player must cut each and every fruit with the exception of the bombs. If about three fruits are skipped or one bomb are being hit, the game will end. Become the best bringer of the sweet, delicious destruction noise with each and every slash! It is the most finest games I have played.

Price: $0.99

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