New MIUI v5 Theme For iPhone 4S & 5 Download Now


Stylish and expert looking DreamBoard and WinterBoard themes that significantly change the style of the iOS are difficult to find. Many Cydia theme packages seem like they are assembled by somebody by using MS Paint at the basic level, but fortunately not all people has that beginner tactic. As Steve Jobs once mentioned:

Design is not just what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works

and you absolutely get that sensation from the beauty of the updated new MIUI v5 theme for iPhone 4S & 5, download now.

The ideas for theme by itself is likely to cause a controversy among hardcore iOS fans as it’s taken from from the elegant and beautiful interface of MIUI ROM that is so common and popular with Android community. Purchasers of this theme can get your hands on full user-interface, with a variety of native and 3rd-party icons themed to match the style of this package, with culture originating from v4 version of MIUI theme but with extra Retina added. A complete icon PSD is likewise included for the people who would like to use Photoshop and do some own manual tweaks.


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The designers of this theme have also provided two committed ,such as a Color Keyboard theme ‘BiteSMS‘ themes, the ‘MIUI SBSettings‘ theme and the ‘Android loader‘ theme along with some excellent add-ons for instance a custom made ‘Zeppelin‘ logo and ‘BytaFont‘ font file to make the theme embark. Despite the fact that the icons appear great for this theme.


MIUI v5 theme is already available to download from ZodTTD and MacCiti Cydia repository for just $2.99 and needs a Retina ready jail-broken device running on iOS 6.0 or above.