iOS 10 Public Beta 4 And iOS 10 Beta 5 Available Now


Apple officially seed  iOS 10 beta 1  at WWDC keynote 2016 for testing. Last month was very busy for Apple, and as we know  iOS 10 beta 2, iOS beta 3, iOS beta 4 was released for both public and registered developers, and now iOS 10Public Beta 4 and iOS 10 Beta 5 are available to download for all latest iOS devices including iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, SE, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, iPad 3 (and above), iPod touch 5th and 6th-gen.

The Final iOS 10 version will be available for public very soon. A number of new features offered with this new beta update and you can find a complete detail about these features here down below. The new beta is supporting all latest iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.

This new release support all latest devices and brings number of new features such as changes to the lock screen, a significant changes to Messages and even more changes in 3D Touch works.

Before downloading and installing iOS 10 beta 5 on your device it is important to note that it is in beta testing stage which is vulnerable to some bugs and issues hence it is not recommended to install. But for testing purposes you can install it.

Download iOS 10 Beta 5

Here are the complete change log for iOS 10 beta 5:

Redesigned Lock Screen and Control Center

The redesigned Lock Screen features rich notifications, which will allow for more information to be presented to the user, while also giving them more abilities to interact with that content. Specifically, 3D Touch will work to show email content, reply to messages, and even let users clear all notifications.

Control Center has also been improved, adding a dedicated panel for music that shows full album artwork, plus playback controls. Users can simply swipe to the right to access the camera as well from the lock screen, while swiping to the left will bring up widgets.


Siri has been improved in a big way as well, getting much smarter and gaining access to third-party applications with a brand new SDK for developers. Using Siri, users can now send messages through third-party messaging apps, like WeChat, summon an Uber, send money to friends, start/end a VoIP call, and more.

QuickType Keyboard

The QuickType Keyboard is the stock board for iOS users, and it has seen a laundry list of improvements and tweaks in iOS 10. That includes Siri integration, which will provide relevant information depending on the conversation you are having, including offering up the ability to provide a location, and more. The QuickType keyboard is also gaining bilingual support, which will show suggestions from multiple languages at once.


The new Photos app has seen a big upgrade, getting smarter with better recognition for not only faces, but also places, scenes, and objects. The new Photos app for iOS 10 will also link images based on location, or people in the pictures based on a date, plus much more. The new app will also create movies, threading video and still images together, along with background music and typography, to create quick video shorts showcasing an event or experience.

Apple Maps

The stock Maps app is getting better with a dynamic view, which will zoom in when you’re nearing turns and zoom out when you’re on a long straightaway. There’s an easier user interface as well, and an ability to search along a route, see updated traffic in real-time, and get alternate routes when a path is slow or blocked. Apple Maps is also getting Extensions for third-party apps, which will let users set up dinner dates, book a hotel or car, and much more.

Apple Music

Apple Music also saw an improvement, with an easier method of multitasking while browsing and listening to content, a major refresh to the user interface, and integrated song lyrics for those who want to know exactly what’s being said in a song.

Apple News

Apple News now offers subscriptions for content, and there are push notifications for breaking stories. The user interface has been updated as well, and News will recommend sources based on your reading habits.


The new Home app will bring together all of your HomeKit-enabled smart home accessories, from the garage door, the front door, thermostats, lights, and more, and simply make it easier to control all of them. With “Scenes,” users will be able to tell Siri good morning to have their blinds open and lights turn on, or choose good night to get the opposite effect.


One of the biggest new additions for iOS 10 is a plethora of changes and updates to iMessage, making it a much more worthwhile experience with bigger emoji, the ability to swap out words for their emoji counterparts, and even full-screen animations that brighten up a conversation. There’s an Invisible Ink feature that lets users swipe their finger over a picture or words that have been hazed out, letting the content be an actual secret. There are animations for pictures and text that can be smaller or bigger, the ability to reply in a handwritten message, Digital Touch for drawing on images, stickers, animated stickers, and much more.

Additional iOS 10 Features

  • Rest Finger to Unlock option for Touch ID
  • ‘Downloaded Music’ changed to ‘Downloads’ in Apple Music
  • Music app gets an option to Shuffle in Songs section
  • Tweaked font in Music app
  • Bluetooth/AirPlay headphones and speakers are now shown in in Now Playing section of Music app
  • Connect Posts added below For You content in For You tab of Music app
  • ‘Featured Complications’ section in Watch app
  • Watch app gets Background App Refresh in My Watch > General > Background App Refresh
  • Updated icons for various accessories in Control Center’s HomeKit widget
  • Slightly tweaked animation when invoking Siri
  • ‘Missed’ in Notification Center has been renamed to ‘Recent’
  • Updated icons for Apple TV and AirPlay speakers in AirPlay section of Control Center
  • Updated HomeKit app icon in
  • Weather Channel credit in Notification Center and widget view on Home & Lock screens
  • Split View support for App Store on iPads
  • 3D Touch on Folders now shows badges for unread notifications per app
  • Tweaked animation for Folders
  • Frosted background in Folder view is back
  • Tweaked animation for Spotlight
  • Non-3D Touch devices gets support for interactive notifications. Works with slide down gesture
  • Apple News app can now be deleted
  • CarPlay gets a new button to skip to a message
  • Large widgets now work system-wide on iOS
  • Auto-Lock setting has been moved under Settings > Display & Brightness

The new iOS 10 beta 5 is available for registered developer, and to download follow this link to download iOS 10 beta 5.  At the same time the iOS 10 public beta 4 OTA is available for general public to update their devices.