iOS 7 Released: Download & Install iOS 7 Final IPSW For iOS Devices

iOS 7 released: download & install iOS 7 final IPSW for iOS devices! The most eagerly awaited last version of iOS 7 has arrived for for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch! So people don’t wait to download iOS 7 officially right now.

iOS 7 comes along with all-new UI and more than 200 new features for instance the new Control Center, smart multitasking, brand new Camera app with real time camera filters and much more.

The delay is over finally as the Apple has just released the iOS 7 final version for public. This is certainly the very first time that Apple’s iOS has created a lot buzz, and this hype has some strong reasons. As the  Apple’s iOS is revamped completely first time from the ground-up. iOS 7 features plenty of new options now and a entire new design.

Just before downloading iOS 7 for your own iOS device and installing it, We extremely suggest you to read through our article we composed about essential things to find out before upgrading to iOS 7. Have a look at the link down below.

Installing iOS 7 Having Few Problems

iOS 7 Final IPSW

Well if you’ve made your mind on whether or not to install iOS 7, and if the response is that you need to install iOS 7. But you ought to know which iOS gadgets are will be able to support this new version of iOS 7. Down below is the list of iOS devices that are appropriate for iOS 7:

  • iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s
  • iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad mini
  • iPod touch 5G

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Download & Install iOS 7 Final IPSW

If you’ve certainly one of the above iOS gadgets, you’ve the green indication on downloading iOS 7 final version. So how would you exactly download the iOS 7 and install this on your device? Well don’t worry, as the method is quite simple.

iOS7 OTA download

OTA iOS 7 Method

At the moment there are actually two methods to download and install iOS 7. The very first one is very easy is the OTA “Over The Air” approach. On your iOS gadget; go-to Settings -> General -> Software Update. There you will find that iOS 7 final version is available, just tap on -download and install.

Once you’ve done this, your iOS gadget should start iOS 7 downloading. It’ll take quite some time so hold back and do not do anything at all. Also ensure that your device is connected with the charger throughout this procedure so you would possibly not encounter any problems.

iTunes iOS 7 Download

The 2nd method is also simple one. This needs you to hook up your device with PC and start iTunes to download & install iOS 7 final IPSW. Just get the USB cable and connect it to your PC.

A pop up message should be out there and saying that new version of iOS 7 is available for your iOS device. Just click on download & install button and you’re ready to go. Just like the above method, this particular one might also take some time, so simply show patience.

Just before downloading & installing iOS 7, ensure that you back-up your important data so you never lose crucial information. This is essential so do not ignore the back-up!

Some useful updates around the corner:

  • The build is 11A465, and that is similar as iOS 7 GM, so if you’ve already installed this, you do not need to install this final iOS 7 public release.
  • It seems like this update takes some time to distribute on all the servers. So you need to show patience. We will update you with post with new download links the moment they are available.
  • If you are receiving the ‘Software Update failed’ or update process is jammed at ‘Preparing Update’, you’re not the only one, it seems like that Apple is having some server side issues caused by the flooding download requests. Please attempt after a while.

You can download iOS 7 Build 11A466 for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad using these direct download links.