How To Hacktivate iPhone Running iOS 7 Using TinyUmbrella

Those people who’re trying to hacktivate (activate) their iPhones running on iOS 7 have stumbled to correct place. Now there’s a method through which you can easily hacktivate your iPhone on iOS 7 applying a simple and brief guide. So stick to the below tutorial on how to hacktivate iPhone running iOS 7 using TinyUmbrella.


Those who’re not familiar with iPhone hacktivation; Well, I am mentioning this in a very straightforward way. Actually hacktivation is the procedure in which we activate any iPhone by bypassing the Apple’s standard procedure for activation. Even though our iPhone is actually locked to a particular carrier or network and it cannot be unlocked, so we can hacktivate our iPhone and then make use of it.

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Hacktivate iPhone iOS 7 Running iOS 7

To hacktivate your iPhone running on iOS 7, you should download the following items before beginning this hacktivating process:


Steps To Hacktivate iOS 7

Step No 1: It is strongly recommended before attempting this guide to first back up your iPhone  and then make sure that you’ve put iPhone in airplane mode.

Step No 2: After completing back up and putting your iPhone in airplane mode, connect your iPhone to the PC and hit on restore (If you are on the “Welcome to iOS 7” screen, then it is not required again to do).

Step No 3: Now put your iPhone in to DFU mode.

Step No 4: You’ll need to download the Java utility from the given link above, now run Java.

After completing the above steps, you should see the following screen on PC.


Step No 5: Run PuTTy, which you’ve downloaded from the above link.

Step No 6: Now after running PuTTy, put your hostname (localhost) and port the java utility specified as shown below.


Step No 7: You’ll be asked for username and password in a pop up window:

  • Username: root
  • Password: alpine

Step No 8: Type in the following commands just after that run in the terminal:

cd mnt1/Applications.

rm -R

If that does not work, type set and hit the tab button, it should auto complete.

Step No 9: Delete

Step No 10: After deleting, reset your phone by holding the power and home buttons.

Step No 11: Your iPhone will show it in recovery mode, after iPhone is turned on. Every thing is OK, don’t worry.

Step No 12: Run TinyUmbrella, you can see above the download link for  TinyUmbrella.

Step No 13: You need to exit iPhone from the recovery mode using TinyUmbrella.


Step No 14: Done! your iPhone should boot up properly.

I am sure that if you have followed this guide properly, then your iPhone should be hacktivated (activated) and running up.

Note: The hacktivation method is not the proper way to activate an iPhone so you might find some issues later on while using it.

If you have any question about this tutorial “how to hacktivate iPhone on iOS 7 Using TinyUmbrella” then let us know in the comments area below.

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