Step By Step Guide To Hacktivate iPhone on iOS 6.1.3 Using Redsn0w

Dear friends, today let us introduce you another useful tutorial about hacktivating your iPhone device running on iOS 6.1.3, by following this tutorial you will be able to bypass iOS 6.1.3 activation display without a SIM card in your device. So move further to follow some simple steps below:

To hacktivate your iPhone device on iOS 6.1.3, download the following things before starting the hacktivating process:

Redsn0w Logo

Things Required For Hacktivation

  • Download 6.0 IPSW matching your device from iPho9’s download page.

To adjust redsn0w according to the operating system, running on your computer or laptop, simply Right Click on the redsn0w file and go to the Properties, just click compatibility and set the Operating System of your computer or laptop in the options offered. After this just click OK.

Steps For Hactivating iOS 6.1.3

Step No 1:- Launch redsnow, and Click on extras, then select IPSW.

Step No 2: Now in the displayed options, select your 6.o IPSW, which you have downloaded in Step No 1, and click OK.

Step No 3:   Now Go back and then click on Jailbreak.

Step No 4:  Once the Jailbreaking work has been done, then install Cydia and then click on Next.

Step No 5:   By holding the power button of your iPhone device for two seconds to put your iPhone device into DFU mode. Now without releasing the power button, hold the home button for 8 sec. Finally, without releasing the home button, release the power button. And then hold the home button for more 14 sec.

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Step No 6: After few seconds you will see a (RedSn0w) pine apple logo, following this will come the Apple logo.

Here is a video on How To Hacktivate iPhone on iOS 6.1.3

Thats all, your hacktivating process is done. Don’t forget that the jailbreak for this device (iPhone) is the tethered one, indicates that before using any jailbreak tool, it is important that you have to go 1st to Extras and click on “just reboot” button in redsnow, when every time you boot your device.

  • Abel Welde

    Does this work for the Iphone 5

  • Fortesali

    when i do this i turn on my iphone and say activation error ?? how can i activate pleasee i have iphone 3gs , today i update the version 6.1.3 and i can activate it ? i dont have a sim ??

  • Juan Miguel Sepulveda

    It didn’t work for me. iPhone 4 GSM 6.1.3. It stuck on “waiting for reboot…”

  • tobi

    does it work for iphone 4s?

  • Arie Venema

    mine always says that my device doesn’t support untethered options and I have no idea what to do about that. its an iphone 3gs

  • Hardi Ramadhan


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