How To Guide: Speed Up Samsung Galaxy SIII Android Smart Phone With No Time

If someone have the Galaxy S3, as the most beautiful Androids device, probably might be on slow side, especially if someone have the early adopters of the most current and ideal devices. If someone don not really feel that Samsung S3 is smooth,but not on particular situations, but ipho9 have a speedy tip on how you can try out and speed up your device.


As the Galaxy S3 with Android Jelly Bean is usually smooth device, and the Google’s heavily work on delay, defined as ‘Project Butter’. Having claimed that, one some certain events it seems to freeze-frame for very minor time, such as moving between messages in the stock Messaging app, but with some alterations to your settings, you can make your device very smooth ever before.

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Here we have a small tutorial on how can do this little tweak to your device to make it smoother. Certainly results may differ, and even though we have checked this on Galaxy S III and worked, and we think someone might not be noticed distinct improvement in their devices.

These steps are too easy, check out the steps detailed below and you also have smoother Galaxy S III.

Step 1: First you have to open the native Settings menu.

Step 2: Next you have to navigate to Developer Options, and modify both Transition Animation Scale and Window Animation Scale’s and set around 0.5x.

Step 3: And as the result Your Galaxy S3 animations should be substantially smoother than ever before.

As mentioned earlier certainly, somebody will not noticed the change in speed but  it works rather perfectly at our end, so give a try on your beautiful Galaxy S3 and let us know that it useful or not for you.

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