How To Send Messages From PC Using WhatsApp Web App

WhatsApp is a universal app for communication: there are billion messages are actually sent and received daily via WhatsApp services. As smart phone usage is constantly increasing throughout the world. The most well-known cross-platform message service is WhatsApp now, and for valid reason. The WhatsApp is an amazing app, with smooth integration for Android, Windows, iOS Phones as well as other devices. But for now on the PC user can also get advantage from this app as Whatsapp web app is now released for Chrome, and down here you can find how to install Whatsapp on your PC.


On your Chrome browser you can get this app from Whatsapp official site for free and use it just like a normal mobile app on your own computer.

Whatsapp web app is currently available for Chrome browser only on Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, BlackBerry 10 and Nokia S60 and the Mac user should wait as this web app is not available for Mac users. This web extension will be available for other browser such Firefox and IE very soon.

 Whatsapp web app

The WhatsApp web client serves like a “mirror” instead of dedicated messaging service which allow you to send/receive messages just like a mobile app, but all the messages will be received on your mobile, means that if you switch off your mobile device you will not see any receiving message in your web app of the Whatsapp.

This web client is used being an extension of Chrome, in order to install this open and simply scan the QR code with mobile to logged on.