How-To Cancel Sending Message On iPhone

Today Messaging is a fashion as everybody loves to send messages to loving friends and family members. As sending text messages is a very convenient way to communicate with other but sometimes while sending a message you wish that you could undo that action, or perhaps to cancel a sending message or picture which is stuck on “Sending” state  due to any reason. So here’s how to cancel sending message on iPhone.


 Since there is no direct way to cancel a sending iPhone message, and I am sure this is an easy trick, but it needs some steps to perform. One thing is important here that you must fast enough to do this.

How-To Cancel Sending Message On iPhone

The cancellation process is very straightforward, that you can cancel only that message which is in sending state and you’ll also see a progress bar near to recipient name. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Open Messages app and type a message then press ‘Send’ button
  • You’ll find a blue progress bar which displays a “Sending…” progress, now quickly open the Control Center by flipping from bottom of the screen


  •  Simple hit the Airplane mode icon, which will turn off all the signals including cellular, Wi-Fi, which will cancel the current sending message
  • Then wait for a while and turn-off the AirPlane mode again, a “Not Delivered” warning text will be showing next to that message indicating that the message in not delivered.

This trick can be used to cancel any message like audio message, picture message and video messaging. Again one thing is important to note that you must fast enough to cancel a message on your iPhone. It also very useful when your network is congested or very slow.