Download Top 5 Best Face Recognition Apps For iOS Devices in 2013

Everyone needs security, as we all know that security is really important now a days. And you’ll be happy to know that face recognition apps have confirmed that it is possible mobile real time face recognition. We all have that one buddy who likes to look in our phone which is absolutely very frustrating. In this situation, we set up a pass-code but sometimes individuals know our pass-code. Here we have a list of top 5 best face recognition apps for iOS devices in 2013.

5. RecognizeMe 

RecognizeMe iOS Face Detection

RecognizeMe was the first and best ever face recognition security app for iOS. You can download this Cydia tweak, if you want to unlck iPhone using face detection. It can detect your face, it works with all iOS devices having a front facing camera. While using this app, an different way is always given to unlock your iPhone and that is by entering into your 4 number pass-code. The app uses the iOS gadget’s front-facing camera to add the “test images” and to check out the face of the person, who is trying to unlock the phone.

4. Klik

Klik iPhone Face Detection App

Klik is designed to recognize faces on your Facebook. You have to link Klik app to your Facebook account and with the help of the pictures taken on Klik are printed with the images of your buddies on your Facebook. Klik can detect faces and instantly tag your buddy. Klik can recognize the individual’s face even before taking the picture. The name seems to be on the top of the frame. Keep in mind, Klik will not recognize faces of those people easily who make strange faces. Tag Option is permitted for those who have their pictures available for public viewing.

3. FaceLock


FaceLock is the one of the best and the awesome face recognition app for iOS devices. FaceLock allows you access to the application based only on your face. Facelock will scan your face and gains access. It is only detect the real owner’s face. But remember, that the real owner of the phone scans his face so that next time when he tries unlocking phone, it should access. It won’t detect any other face except the owners. If you want FaceLock to grant access to a different face, you can do so from the settings screen.

2. Face Recognition FastAccess for phones

FastAccess Face Detection iPhone

How to get rid of the memorizing pass-code frustrating… FastAccess Face Recognition is the one. FastAccess Face Recognition app helps you to logging into your favorite sites with your face. Now you don’t need to keep different and strong passwords for your sites. Just download FastAccess Face Recognition and it will detect your face and will let to sign in to any of your site.

1. FaceVault


An app known as FaceVault delivers face Identification and pattern-based iOS unlocking. The app uses your iDevice’s front-facing camera to evaluate your face. FaceVault iOS app can turn your iDevice into a secure box. Even if you wear make up or glasses, your face can be detected. You will be switched to another mode where you can unlock the app with a pattern-based code, if it fails to detect your face. FaceVault is an awesome Face recognition app which looks for to enhance security for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It’s also presenting break-in reviews with intruder’s picture, time and date.

If we’ve missed any other cool facial recognition app, then you can suggest in the comments below.

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