SemiRestore7 Released To Restore iOS 7 Devices Without Losing Jailbreak

As you have possibly heard at this point, that evasi0n jailbreak will not effective for iOS 7.1 firmware update launched the other day since the Apple has patched quite a few vulnerabilities utilized in the evasi0n7, so it is highly advised that all the jail-breakers must avoid this upgrading until further notice. But with this in middle of the stage we got some interesting news as SemiRestore7 released to restore iOS 7 devices without losing jailbreak.


Within the last few month or so, we have provided you full coverage on the Semi-Restore, a new mobile utility that enables you to restore iOS devices back to stock status with no jailbreak losing. It could get rid of almost everything from the settings to jailbreak tweaks, and even the App Store applications.

SemiRestore7 Released To Restore iOS 7 Devices Without Losing Jailbreak

SemiRestore7 will be very useful when you enter into a reboot loop problem due to some problematic tweak, which can normally push you to simply restore your iOS device to its stock settings, which could also suggest losing your jailbreak. Given that it gets rid of the jailbreak tweaks through restore process, it may help in such situations.

SemiRestore requires OpenSSH, so you must install the OpenSSH on your own iOS device, to make sure that you’ve the opportunity to restore to its stock condition if anything goes completely wrong.

You should be aware that you must change your password just after installing the OpenSSH to simply change your jailbreak iOS device root password to stop anyone from accessing your device remotely.

Working with app is much easy as it comes. You need just to plug in your own iOS device, then start the Semi-Restore and simply click a restore button. That is easier than most current jailbreaks. The application should show the iPhone or iPad you have connected, and even if you’re on the right firmware.

Currently the SemiRestore7 is only available for the Windows (which include Win XP with SP3 or higher). The SemiRestore7 versions for Linux and Mac are currently under test and trail, and will be be released very soon. We will update you the moment when SemiRestore7 for Linux and Mac are released, so just stay tuned for more on

Download SemiRestore7 for iOS 7 (compatible for all devices running iOS 5.0 through 7.0.6)

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