Top 10 Best Free Cydia Movies Apps For iPhone In 2013

This season iPho9 provided you with endless content relevant to the best and the new free cydia movie apps for all of your iDevices so that you could create much more out of them and not just devices, so why not this season too. Let us existing you again with some cydia applications but this here we are at 2013. So check out the list of top 10 best 100 % free cydia movie apps in 2013. And as these are 100 % free so you do not have to get even anything.

Top 10 Best Free Cydia Movies Apps For iPhone In 2013

10.  MultiIconMover Cydia App


MultiIconMover Cydia tweak is a simple but a very useful Cydia tweak. This is a Cydia tweak allows you to shift more than one symbol at once. All you need to do is, just choose several symbols that you want to shift to the next web page and then with MultiIconMover, they will be moved to the next web page or any other position of your wish. Keep the symbol until   they all begin moving, then choose all the symbols you want to shift and a little red look at level will appear and lastly shift them a different web page and hit the home key. It is a very simple and fast way to shift symbols from one web page to another.

Download  MultiIconMover Cydia Tweak from BigBoss repo.

9. FlashCam Cydia App


Photographic camera and flash light are the mostly used in iPhone apps and a frequent accessibility them is must. FlashCam cydia app provides you immediate accessibility you and flash light without even opening your iPhone display. With this Modify you can assign a third-party camera app like Camera+ or Instagram to the “Take Photo”button instead of the stock Photographic camera app. So now click pictures without opening your iPhone display.

Download FlashCam Cydia Tweak from BigBoss repo.

8.  Music Box Cydia App


This is something very eye-catching for music fans. Music Box is that awesome tweak through which you can not only look for but also get and be a musician for free. Moreover, this tweak also keep you modified of the new music every week, hence you can look for an incredible number of music and can stay linked with music. So if you really like music then this Cydia changes is a must have.

Download Music Box from BigBoss repository.

7. PdaNet Cydia App


PdaNet is truly one of the most useful Cydia app that is never offered by AT&T, as it believes this app will excess. But Cydia shop provides this for 100 % free. Through this you can quickly link your iPhone to your pc with the help of wi-fi relationship or even through the USB relationship.

Download PdaNet Free Cydia App from BigBoss Repository.

6. AptBackup Cydia App


It seems as if each 30 days a new firmware bursts out and all the The apple company customers run behind it to update their latest firmware. But when you enhance your iPhone with a new firmware edition then all your dearest Cydia applications are missing, which indicates that you have to again begin from the very starting to gather all of them. But AptBackup can help you to fix this issue. This 100 % free Cydia app basically creates a back-up duplicate of the record of jailbroken Cydia applications in your iPhone and then re-installs them quickly once the setting up of new firmware edition is finished. This app is no question incredibly useful and cost-free.

Download AptBackup Cydia App From BigBoss Repository.

5. Speed Intensifier Cydia App


If rate is the only reason missing in your iDevice then what are you patiently waiting for? Get this Cydia app now which is known as rate intensifier. If you are thinking what it does then to tell that gadgets are all very conversion large with factors moving and using all through the OS and decreasing enough time awaiting these to finish can certainly create your iPhone, iPad or iPod contact experience clearly quicker and this is done by this app. You can even change the rate of the changes through this app.

Download Speed Intensifier Cydia App From  Insanelyi  Repository.

4.  Bigify+ Cydia App


Now this app is for the symbols of your springboard and through this you can personalize your symbols such as shade, overlays, results, designs. The Great factor is about a new app, you can check all of these changes in a individual audience before implementing them. Thus this Cydia app will create you system even more eye-catching and amazing.

Download  Bigify+  Cydia App From BigBoss Repository.

3. MultiStorey Cydia App


At last in the record of top 5 best Cydia applications for multi-tasking this year is multistory Cydia app. This jailbreak app contributes another bar to the app switcher. This implies now it’s not going to frustrating for you to search independently through them or remove them, as now your system can be a multitasker.

Furthermore, in an iPod multiStorey gives an option of amount management through an extra slider, while also displaying the music and specialist name. you can also tap on the amount management to change the lighting according to your option.

Download Multistorey cydia app from BigBoss repository.

2. SBSetting Cydia App


SBSetting is that unique Cydia app for which all iPhone customers want to jailbreak their mobile phones, as this app is 100 % free and provides strategies to all those choices that are compulsory to be used almost daily. SBSetting straight requires you to WiFi, Wireless, 3G etc. With that it even liberates the storage of your iPhone. Thus this cydia app is a must have.

Download SBSettings Free Cydia App from BigBoss Repository.

1. Activator Cydia App


Activator, the Cydia Modify you all have awaited. This is an app which creates your iPad more simple and fun to use because it performs as a key to discover all the quick way opportunities for iPad. You can have accessibility many of your iPad functions just by basically hitting your springboard. You can also function some primary factors of your iPad with this mind-blowing Cydia tweak.

Download  Activator  Cydia Tweak From BigBoss repo.

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  • Chris Olsson

    Best app on Cydia is definitely: Movie Stream

    Used it for the past two years, works like charm!