How To Unlock iPhone Running On iOS 7 Using Cydia

You will discover a lot of techniques to unlock iOS 7 iPhone. A lot of iPhone users choose the solution like permanent factory unlock while few others are happy to unlock the iPhone after jailbreak. Among the list of new techniques which was released recently will be very interesting for those users who don’t like to buy factory unlock. This new technique is offered by Never Team who designed two Cydia tools, NeterNano and Neter Pro. So people who are interested to use this method just follow our guide that how to unlock iPhone running on iOS 7 using Cydia sources provided below.

Cydia 1.1.10

Both these tools are perfect to unlock iPhone 4S on iOS 7 and iPhone 5 on iOS 7.0.4 as well as iOS firmware up to iOS 7.0.6. It can be use with alomst all mobile carriers but the important thing is that you’ve a jailbroken iPhone and also you’ve an active SIM if not this technique won’t deliver the results.

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Please Note: We did not test this technique and not purchase any chip. Still the most effective technique is factory unlock.

Steps To Unlock iPhone Running On iOS 7 Using Cydia

  •  If you want to unlock iOS 7.0.4 or some other variation of iOS 7, you should take a device backup. Any method or program is good for this, such as iTunes and iCloud.
  • You need to buy a Neter chip and then insert your own SIM with it.
  • There’ll be a menu showing up which allow you to choose your own iPhone carrier.

Unlock iPhone

  • Don’t get worried if in the given menu your mobile carrier is not listed. Just choose the “Other Carriers” option and type your own Carriers’s code in lieu of numbers “0123456”.

Unlock iPhone

  • Switch off your iPhone.
  • It is actually required that you have a jailbroken device before proceeding so you want to jailbreak you can also use the Evasion7 tool for untethered jailbreak which is totally free. Download Evasion7 and perform the untethered jailbreak on your own device.
  • As soon as your device is jailbreak the Cydia will appear on device home screen, open Cydia and upgrade all the pending Cydia packages.
  • Now in Cydia use the Manage –> Edit –> Add options to add a new Cydia source like “” to this Cydia repo.

Unlock iPhone

  • In this new repo, select your own patch package for your iPhone and let Cydia to install it.


Now you can use any mobile SIM coupled with Neter chip which should be inserted beneath your normal SIM and use your new mobile carrier service. So this new method to unlock iPhone running on iOS 7 using Cydia is very interesting one you can use this method if you feel easy with it.

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