Download iPA Installer For iOS 7.1.x To Install Cracked iPA Files

Usually majority of the iOS users who have a jailbroken iOS device prefer to use iFunBox, iTools 2014 and SynciOS to install iPA files, as they are very simple and easy iOS files manager apps which enable you to install several iPA files simultaneously. However, sometimes you need to install iPA file on the move, then you’ll definitely need iPA installer app which make it easy for you to install the iPA app, such as various apps and games which you have to install directly on your own iPhone or iPad. So check it out and download iPA Installer for iOS 7.1.x to install cracker iPA files.

IPA files

Actually .IPA files are the apps extention which you can not install directly on your iOS devices e.g. iPhone or iPad because Apple enforced some terms & condition on their device. But by using 3rd-party apps you can install these files after jailbreak.

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What is iPA installer:

iPA Installer is a Cydia tweak that allows user to install iPA files directly using your iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air or iPod Touch, no need to use your PC any more to install cracked apps…

The iPA Installer has been designed by Slugrail, a developer who already create different Cydia apps and tweaks. This special free app called iPA Installer have many option for managing .IPA apps on your iOS device. As soon as you download and install this on your own iPhone or iPad, then you never need other installer or file manager.

iPA installer app

Download iPA Installer For iOS 7.1.x

As other Cydia tweaks the iPA Installer app is also reside on BigBoss repo with no cost. And moreover you require no extra repo or source to download and install this jailbreak app. However, to work with iPA installer you must need a little Cydia tweak called AppSync, which actually allow you to install .IPA files using iPA Installer. In order to install this tweak for iOS 7.1.1 or iOS 7.1.2 just follow these steps:

  • Launch Cydia store
  • Hit the Search button
  • And search field just type-in  “iPA Installer”, and when find just tap it
  • And Install button will shown simply tap on this then hit confirm
  • Your device will be respring , and that’s all

The iPA Installer is very useful tweak to install cracked Cydia app. So just download the iPA Installer app right now and start the fun by finding .IPA file to install on your own iPhone or iPad.