Tutorial On How To Fix Insufficient Storage Available Error On Android Devices

The Insufficient storage available error on android devices is a hassle for many people who are using Android smartphones . It is a common issue among many android users who experience this issue with their android gadgets. It generally happens whenever an android user is about to install some applications. The error message “Insufficient Storage Available” will instantly appear. This is a very common issue with the Android OS since all applications, by default are installed in your phone storage space. Coincidentally, the storage space on android operating system phones is not very large.

How to fix insufficient storage error

A lot of people have tried every possible tricks and tutorial on how to fix insufficient storage available error on android phones with mixed results. This common issue can be mostly be seen on that Android devices that have been rooted, especially when you are downloading, installing apps on Android smartphones.

Before embarking on the steps on how to fix insufficient storage available error on android phones, an android user must be in a position to differentiate between the real message and the bug. The real message only occurs when storage is below 15MB which is the threshold which android limits any installation of apps.

Fixing insufficient storage error command prompt

Here we are giving three entirely different methods on how to fix insufficient storage available error on android phones. These 3 methods to fix the insuficient storage bug will work on rooted devices.

Mehtod 1

Lucky Patcher App:

This great app is one of the best way to fix insufficient storage available error on android smartphones. Just downloadthe Lucky Patcher apk and install it in your android device. Proceed to troubleshooting and remove fixes and backups. This will solve the insufficient storage available bug. This mehtod can be used every time, the bug appears and will let you to install any application you want to install your device.

Method 2

If the above method does not work for you on fixing Insufficient Storage avaiable then this is another mehtod you can try. The trick will need as earlier pointed out a file manager with root access or the root explorer. Begin by browsing to the data or the app directory and find the app which presents the bug and can neither be installed nor updated. After finding it, click on the .apk data file and remove it. Then try intalling the app again and the problem should not appear again.

Method 3

The third and last mehtod which we are giving below to fix insufficient storage available error on Android devices, is a little complicated to remove the bug. It will need a computer and start with downloading and installing require the Java Development Kit if it is not already installed.

Follow this up by downloading and installing the latest version of the android SDK. Start-> Run and typing “cmd”. Right click on the command prompt and run with the administrator rights. When the dialogue box appears, click on “Yes”. Proceed to type the command; cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools, on the “cmd”.

Now on your android phone, click on Menu button and scroll to Settings. Once here find Applications and on Applications find Development and enable the USB debugging. After completing this, connect the android phone to the computer using the USB cable. Perform the following command ‘adb shell pm getInstallLocation’ and you will get options from the output. The output options are; 0 or auto which the system decides the best location, internal if you want to install the application in the internal storage of the android device and finally or external to install the application on external storage. Since the android devices do not have large internal storage resources, a good choice would be option 2 which is expandable. Lastly, go to the phone and disable USB debugging and close the command prompt.

You have now successfully fixed insufficient storage error to follow the above steps. You can enjoy the experience the android phone will give you especially with the a lot of applications available for android.

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