How To Transfer old iPad Data To New iPad Air 2 Using iTunes

New iPad Air 2 owner will be wondering that how to transfer old iPad data to their new iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 3, so here is a guide to copy your old iPad data to your new iPad Air 2 using iTunes. To do so first of all you need to take backup of your old iPad data and then just restore that backup on your new iPad Air 2 via iTunes, you can even use iCloud for the same purpose. Check out the further detail down below.

iPad To iPad Air 2

By doing so all your saved messages, photos, emails, notes and all other device setting will be transfer to your new iPad Air 2. Before get started it is suggested that you need to upgrade your old iPad to iOS 8.1 in order to avoid any compatibility issues while transferring data to your new iPad Air 2 running on iOS 8.1 if you need any assistant in this regards then follow our guide how to install iOS 8.1 on your iPad.

Bare in mind that if you need to transfer all your passwords from your old iPad to new iPad Air 2 which is only possible through iTunes backup, where all your Wi-Fi passwords, email account passwords and passwords you have entered for websites and applications will be shifted to your new iPad.

How To Transfer old iPad Data To New iPad Air 2 Using iTunes

And here are the steps to transfer old iPad data to new iPad using iTunes:

  • The first step that you need to install latest iTunes
  • After updating to new iTunes you have taken backup old iPad with iTunes
  • Now turn-off the old iPad and turn-on new iPad, and just start setup your device
  • During setup a screen will showing “Set Up iPad”, here just tap on “Restore from iTunes Backup”

set up ipad

  • Connect new iPad with computer having old iPad backup and iTunes installed
  • iTunes will prompt you to “set up as new” or “restore from backup”, just select old iPad back-up and hit continue. The restoration process may take some time depends on amount of backup data and your internet connection
  • Your new iPad will restart the moment the set up and restore process is completed and ready to use but keep connected with iTunes as complete the sync process
  • Even to verify the sync just hit the iTunes sync tab
  • If your iPad backup isn’t encrypted, you have to enter the password for Apple ID and other account such as email and voicemail etc, as the password is not restored due to security reasons.

That’s all your new iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 2 is ready to use as your old data is also restored now just turn-on your old iPad and erase all your data and content by going into “Settings -> General -> Reset -> Erase All Content and Settings” and your old iPad is now safe to sell.