Top 10 Jailbreak Must Have iPhone 5 / 4S And 4 Tweaks For iOS 6.1.2 / 6.1.3

The iOS 6.1.2 was launched after much expectation and became a comfort for many iPhone customers. This is mostly simple because as it is now possible to make use of and appreciate so many Jailbreak tweaks that otherwise couldn’t be used by most customers. Below is the list of top 10 best iPhone 5 / 4S and iPhone 4 jailbreak tweaks which are the must have apps for iOS 6.1.2 and 6.1.3 versions.

Before we begin to show with the list of apps, it is worth noting that the iPhone should be jailbroken untethered on iOS 6.1.2 / 6.1.3 firmware.

1: Active Dock iPhone Tweak

Active Dock Tweak
Now one doesn’t need to fear about the stock dock in iOS as this jailbreak has been motivated by the dock presented in OS X and works on the before mentioned’s disadvantages. It also has settings to see when an application is launched or gets an alert.

2: Action Menu Plus Pack iPhone Tweak

Action Menu Plus Pack
Although the development of the iOS 5 keyboard shortcut feature reduced the effectiveness of this tweak, but it still has its many awesome uses. The most popular amongst these uses is the point that it has a record for a one’s current copy and pastes.   It makes typing text formatting much easier and is a great improvement of life features.

3: iFile iPhone Tweak

iFile Jailbreak App iPhone 5
This is the most well-known tweak for anyone who wish to have no trouble in handling their files. It allows the user to install zip or unzipped files, share files online or through Wireless and even you can make, copy or past files. Unnecessary to say, it is a must have app as it also is required for Safari Download Manager to work.

4: Auxo iPhone Tweak

Auxo Jailbreak iPhoneTweak
This jailbreak significantly helps customers when it comes to offering an summary on the condition of issues of the applications saved in the iPhone. It is possible to eliminate applications with a run from the App Switcher and upgrade music controls or even toggle well-known choices such as Wi-Fi. Through the energy of a few swipes and taps, someone’s gadget is brought under complete management.

5: NCSettings Free iPhone Tweak

NCSettings Free iPhone Tweak
This is an awesome tweak that just put allows the customer to allow or turn off functions in the flicker of an eye. There is a large amount of features to modify such as Individual Hotspot and personal surfing around making it essential.

6: Opera Obtain Manager iPhone Tweak

Safari Download Manager Jailbreak iPhone Tweak
As its name indicates, just allows the user to download files from the Safari Web browser. The tweak allows you to manage all downloaded contents in a nice and easy way, making life much more practical.

7: Swipe Selection iPhone Tweak

Swipe Selection Jailbreak iPhone Tweak
This jailbreak is most likely what has began this whole trend of jailbreaking and is definitely necessary to have this. It allows the customer of the iPhone to modify written text records and position the writing pointer through the easy use of a swipe, creating it incredibly efficient. This function cements its position on this record.

8: IntelliScreenX iPhone Tweak

IntelliScreenX Jailbreak iPhone Tweak
This amazing tweak allows the customer to access the Twitter feed, e-mail and RSS all through a single touch, making it vital for those who want access their news nourishes. To gain extra usage from it, try modifying the Messages Quick Compose / Reply Setting to Bite SMS.

9: WinterBoard iPhone Tweak

WinterBoard Jailbreak iPhone Tweak
This tweak enables one to change the overall look of their Apple device in whatever way they want to see perfect. Despite statements of it slowing down the rate, there is no worry for anyone who offers an iPhone 4S or iPhone 5. Customers would also be captivated by WinterBoard themes available for this tweak.

10: Springtomize 2 iPhone Tweak

Springtomize 2 Jailbreak iPhone Tweak
Springtomize is an identical WinterBoard as it also allows someone to improve the overall look of their cellphone to a concept that looks most eye-catching. There are many very awesome motivating home screen out there that have been designed complimentary of this tweak. The second edition requires it to a whole new stage.