How To Fix Disabled Wi-Fi Settings On iPhone & iPad


These days people surfing Internet on their devices instead of their computers and laptop, but when the Wi-Fi is there, otherwise it would be an expensive activity while using cellular data. However one issue is facing these days by iPhone and iPad users running on iOS 7 or later, is their device Wi-Fi toggle is dimmed or greyed out in the Settings app, and they can not switch on the Wi-Fi to connect any Wi-Fi network. While accessing the Control Center an error message “Wi-Fi not available” is shown. This is definitely a big headache for everyone and here’s how to fix disabled Wi-Fi settings on iPhone & iPad.

iPhone wifi

Actually the reason for this is not clear, however one apply following approach to fix this irritating issue as everyone like to use WiFi on their device, so here we are with some solutions that may help you to enable you device Wi-Fi settings.

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How To Fix Disabled Wi-Fi Settings On iPhone & iPad

Device Hard Reboot:

If you facing this problem then try to reset your device to fix this issue. To hard reset your iOS device just hold down the “Sleep/Wake+Home” buttons together for about 10 sec. The moment you see an Apple logo just release the buttons. This method actually fix a lot of iPhone issue which includes this disabled Wi-Fi settings issue.

Reset Network Settings:

If device reset doesn’t work, then reset your device Network settings, which actually fix many network related problems. please be aware that it will clear your existing Wi-Fi and cellular , which includes Wi-Fi passwords, saved networks and also the VPN settings, so you’ll need to configure these networks settings all over again. to do this

  • Open Settings app
  • Go-to the General > Reset option
  • Tap the option called “Reset Network Settings
  • A pop-up message will appear for confirmation just tap on Reset Network Settings to carry on
  • Your device will reboot.

Get The Latest iOS Firmware:

Occasionally this problem occurs as device firmware is not updated, to apply a firmware update just navigate to “settings -> General -> Software update” and get the latest firmware iOS 7.1.2 until Apple publicly release the iOS 8.

Restore Via iTunes

This is the last option in case the above methods fails to solve the problem. You should apply a complete restore using iTunes which will reset your device to factory setting and all your device data and settings will be erased. To do this just connect your device with your computer and launch iTunes and click on your device and hit the Restore button which will restore your device just hang on until the process is completed. You can check our guide Easy Way To Restore Jailbroken iPhone To Factory Settings.

We hope that one of the above mentioned methods will resolve this dimmed or disable Wi-Fi settings problem of your iPhone or iPad if you apply these methods properly. But after the complete device restore the said issue is still there, then we think that there is definitely device hardware problem or probably faulty Wi-Fi chip. Just go to Apple service center if your device is under warranty get a replacement.