Download PwnTunes iOS 9 For iPhone Drag&Drop Without iTunes

If you ask those people who are using the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch that what is the most irritating thing while using these devices the probable answer would be the copying files to and from iPhone or iPad. It is just because the anti piracy policy implemented by Apple that no one can copy files directly to their iPhone, iPad other than iTunes. But a new tweak called PwnTunes allow the drag and drop any file to their iOS device. All you need to install PwnTunes for iOS 9 to copy any kind of files to your iOS device.


PwnTunes is a very well-known jailbreak offer which liked by many people and it should be. Initially the jailbreak community really appreciate this new offering which avoid the Apple policy limitation on iOS devices.
Because iOS user want some freedom to sync files and music by simple drag-and-drop which already provided by this tweak. The good thing is that now it supported the iOS devices running iOS 9.

Steps to Download PwnTunes iOS 9 For iPhone Drag&Drop:

Apart from syncing music files PwnTunes for iOS 9 also offer the option to import photos and videos to your photos apps. Moreover it makes your iPhone, iPad as a USB storage device by allowing you to copy any file to your iOS device.

Another great thing about PwnTunes is that you don’t need iTunes anymore for syncing your files and music. As you can drag-and-drop your music files or any other files between your iPhone and computer.


Currently the PwnTunes for iOS 9 is not available for OS X machines but Windows users can take advantage of this. According to the developer the PwnTunes for iOS 9 is available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 and even Windows 10 as well.

The PwnTunes for iOS 9 is currently available on BigBoss repo to download for just $12.99 to buy.