Guide To Install MovieBox On iPhone, iPad Without Jailbreak

Smartphones users are like to have some entertainment stuff on their devices. Movies are one of such entertainment stuff. There are number of apps which fulfill this requirement. But some of these are not available on App Store and Movie Box is on such app. Check here this guide to install MovieBox on iPhone, iPad without jailbreak.

How To Download Movie Box on iPhone

Movie Box is a kind of free app which allow you to download and watch full movies on your own iOS device. But the little glitch is that this app isn’t available on App Store. But here you can find a little workaround to download this app on your device.

Guide To Install MovieBox On iPhone, iPad Without Jailbreak

You should know some things about the MovieBox app if you are new to this app. Since the MovieBox is not abiding all the Apple listed guidelines. Therefor the app is not available on App Store to download.

You can download the Movies Box either through vShare or from direct web site. To download this app using vShare follow these steps.

  • Download and install vShare
  • Launch the vShare App
  • Search the MovieBox
  • Select the MovieBox App and then click Downlod
  • Hang on for installation process to complete
  • A confirmation message will appear, Tap Install to confirm
  • The MovieBox app will be installed now.

For that reason, the installation might be a little bit strange to people who have no certificates on their devices prior to install this software to pass through Apple security mechanisms.

To put it differently, Apple not like to install such apps on your device, actually this stance is correct. Thus, people who have installed iOS 9 on their device and want to download and install MovieBox app could see the popular massage indicating that the app is from an “untrusted enterprise developer”. This implies what you are going to install an app from unknown source because the Apple is not allowing you to run this on your device.