How To Record iPhone Call Without Any Jailbreak

Apple offers a maximum privacy to its user while having a phone calls. In particular, when you make or receive a call, your voice is not routed via AirPlay. Therefore there is no built-in app on App Store to record iPhone call. Here we come with a little technique to record iPhone call without any jailbreak or 3rd party app. Read for more details.

iPhone Call Record

People who have jailbroken iPhone can record their phone calls easily. But if you have device with latest iOS firmware for which there is no jailbreak solution available. Here you can find a little trick to record iPhone call through voicemail. One thing is important here is that Apple cannot stop you from doing this.

You just need your carrier’s voicemail being a tool for call recording, and transferring the recorded conversation via Voicemail tab. You can apply these steps for all calls including typical phone calls, FaceTime calls and Wi-Fi calls.

How To Record iPhone Call Without Any Jailbreak

In order to implement this procedure you need an iPhone with cellular data on and carrier support for visual voicemail feature and three-way calling. Make sure you switch off the Call Waiting option from Phone Settings app.You may face some network or carrier limitation like Visual Voicemail size and duration etc.

Finally you are here to record iPhone call but your iPhone should running on iOS 9.0 or later because earlier versions not supporting voice memo exporting. Which could be an issue for you while sending the voide mails from your Phone app to Voice mail app.

Steps To Record iPhone Call:

  • Open Contacts from your iPhone and make a call
  • While having a call hit the Add Call  button on Phone’s app screen

record iPhone call

  • Now make another call by calling your own number currently engaged in this phone call. By ringing your engage number will take you to voicemail directly, which is our aim to record the current call
  • After listening the greeting message a Visual Voicemail will start recording the current phone call, on calling screen tap Merge Calls button

record iPhone call

  • Hit the End call button to finish the call and from Phone app open Voicemail tab. Here you need to wait for couple of seconds to appear the recorded conversations in Voicemail Messages list
  • Select the recorded conversation and to share hit Share button.

record iPhone call

Finally, you have successfully record iPhone call. But one thing is more important to mention here is that this procedure will record HD Voicemail (high definition calls). Moreover, the recorded voicemails could be transferred to other device in M4A format, so for better compatibility you need to convert this to MP3 format in iTunes.