Microsoft Planning To Bring Age of Empires To iPhone And Android

It seems that Microsoft is actually starting to warm up by the idea of launching apps for Apple and Android platform. A while back, it launched Office Mobile for the iPhone, and right now the Windows Makers looks to deliver a variety of games to the handset also. As we got the news that Microsoft planning to bring Age of Empires to iPhone and Android.

Reuters is confirming this time that Microsoft is planning now to port a number of its Windows and Xbox games to iPhone and Android this season. It is obviously hired Japanese gaming company ‘KLab Inc‘, to manage the heavy lifting, and its 1st one will be the Age of Empires for iPhone and Android.


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Here is   we got the   Reuters report snap.

“Microsoft Corp will offer its console and computer  games  for Apple Inc’s iPhone and other smartphone platforms this fiscal year, through a tie-up with  Japanese smartphone game maker Klab Inc, the Nikkei said on Monday.

Through a licensing deal, Klab will bring Microsoft’s Xbox and Windows-based computer  games  to the iPhone and smartphones using Google Inc’s Android  operating system, according to the  Nikkei.”


The most popular Microsoft’s title the “Age of Empires“, the report goes on, will likely be its very first mobile port. It is going to be available as a free to play game, backed by a bevy of in app purchases, and really should be out there on iOS and Android smartphones at the end of this year.

Obviously, Microsoft has recently introduced a number of games for the iPhone such as Kinectamals and Wordament. But when we referring to well-known PC and Xbox games, such as Age of Empires, things get even more fascinating. Here is wishing they do the right.