iPhone Back Button: Available Now For iPhone 6, iPhone 6s

iPhone back button is a big desire of many people who love to use Android smartphones. Because without this back button device seem to have something missing. What do you think if you are using a latest iPhone such iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s with this extra bit of Android like back button on your iOS device. The answer will be yes it is great to have such button on your own iOS device.

iPhone back button

Obviously, Apple has begun to fix this missing with supplement of something that looks like a Back button option in iOS, however it is no way near to Android physical back button. Apple allowing the app developers to add a software substitute to such Back button at the top of the screen which is definitely not a realistic solution for such things. So the question come in our minds that is there is any good solution for this, the answer is available right below.

iPhone back button

We come across a new screen protector in the market that offer the same hardware kind of iPhone back button. The screen protector is available for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s series only.

iPhone Back Button: Available For iPhone 6, iPhone 6s

This screen protector is looking like any other protector in the market. This not only protect your iPhone screen but also allow a physical back button for your iPhone. Moreover it also offers Return or Select button.

iPhone back button

It is clever hack of sorts the way it is working. Basically proctor is placed in such a way that bottom-left and right area of screen protector is link to left and right side of your iPhone. So when you tap either side of your device Home button, it responds like a Back and Select buttons.

If you are also interested to have some fun with your iPhone by using an Android-like physical iPhone back button for your iPhone. Then you have to pay for it to buy the Aerb Smart Protector with Back Button for iPhone 6, 6s and iPhone 6s Plus from Amazon: $9.99 | original price: $30.