How to Fix Unresponsive iPhone Running Safe Mode [Video]

If anybody installed the most popular Cydia Substrate also known as Mobile Substrate on their jail-broken iPhone, simply because a lots of Cydia tweaks are depending on it, but this is not fruitful for everybody as someone caught by unresponsive device behavior after using it, but don’t worry guys, you may use your iOS device feature knows as Safe Mode to get out of iOS device boot loop, just go and disable the specific Cydia tweak you installed which might have brought this problem. So just read this that how to fix unresponsive iPhone running safe mode.

Steps For Fixing iPhone using Safe Mode

Just follow these instructions to get out of this problem, which is easy and safe to follow:

Turn-off  your iPhone:

  • If your device stuck on a boot loop just hold together the Power and Home buttons and keep hold them on.
  • The moment the Apple logo appears release them after which disappears (indicating that your device is Turning-off).

Unresponsive iPhone

Disabling Cydia Substrate in Safe Mode:

  • Turn-on your iPhone by holding the Power along with Volume Up buttons.
  • Release the Power button as soon as the Apple logo shows up but keep hold the “Volume Up” button unless your device boots up completely.

Get rid of the Jailbreak Tweak which caused the issue:

  • Launch  Cydia
  • Tap on the Manage tab
  • Tap the Packages
  • Tap on installed tweak you believe might be the root cause
  • Tap on Modify
  • And finally Remove this.

Repeat the step 3 for all the unwanted Cydia tweaks you believe might be liable for the device getting this issue.