How To Save SHSH Blobs For iOS 7 Beta 1 On iPhone 4 Using iFaith 1.5.8

Right after one week when the Apple launched new firmware and first beta version. Few hours just after, popular hacker named “iH8sn0w” tweeted from his twitter account that all those who mounted iOS 7.0 beta 1 could fetch the SHSH blobs. Here I’ll present you how to save the iOS 7 beta 1 SHSH blobs by using iFaith on Windows OS. iHsn0w did not revise this software. It can be done using latest 1.5.8 version but just for fetching SHSH blobs and not for dumping.

It is actually not a significant news but there might be some coders that will require these blobs, particularly when iOS 7 beta 2 will release. Also We have to acknowledge that you may save the beta 1 SHSH blobs only on the Windows for iPhone 4 simply because iFaith does not support the A5+ devices.

So if you’re using iPhone 4 with iOS 7 beta 1 so let start. But 1st you must notice what iH8sn0w tweeted:


Steps: How to Save SHSH Blobs of iOS 7 Beta 1

Step 1. First of all download iFaith 1.5.8.

Step 2. Launch the iFaith as Administrator.

Step 3. Now simply click on ‘Show Available SHSH Cashes On Server‘.



Step 4. Soon iFaith will identify device and you’ll require to choose the operation ‘Fetch the latest SHSH blobs Apple is actively signing’ and hang on until process.



Step 5. Just after fetching you’ll see that the iFaith saved SHSH for iOS 7 beta 1(11A4372q) and on your PC and also to Cydia.


Therefore immediately after updating to the iOS 7 beta 2 you’ll have the option to downgrade your idevice to beta 1. Stay tuned for more and you’ll get more information on beta 2, how you can install beta 2 and a lot more such as jailbreak and unlock.

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