Top 10 Samsung Galaxy S4 Must Have Apps 2013

We have today the collection of Smart Apps for your Android smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S4). You can use these apps for almost everyday lifestyle purposes. More applications offer better probability to get things done quickly than ever.

1. Flipboard


Flipboard is a electronic magazine app having more than one magazine but several ones and several problems of those. And you select the material according to your passions. The app is creatively awesome and you can also keep it on the home screen of your Android. It will save you the stress of looking and installing all your preferred magazine problems.
Link: Flipboard

2. WatchOn

Samsung WatchOn

The WatchOn app by New Samsung will start up a whole new sizing of enjoyment mixing your New samsung cellphone and samsung Smart TV at home. You can check for TV listings, observe both on-demand material and live telecasts and immediately activate your TV and transfer data from your cellphone.
Link: WatchOn

3. Shazam


You listen a music you like. You don’t know who plays it. Start Shazam and press the big button and a short time later, the app informs you the title, the artist, the album and even the lyrics. Its generally the best app out there to get “which music is that?!”
Link: Shazam (Free)

4. Google Keep

Google Keep

Google Keep is a fairly new inclusion to Google’s stable of home made applications, and it’s definitely value looking at if you need a fast way to get your ideas down. You can make notes with written text, by voice (with automated transcription), with images or as a list and they will appear in datewise order. Notes are instantly stored online, so you can access them on your pc’s web browser at
Link: Google Keep (Free)

5. WhatsApp

WhatsApp Messenger

Breaking all records of messages sent through it every day. Messenger Being acknowledged as most well-known messenger around the world. An amazing cross-platform messenger which performs with every phone and most of the customers have it. Being 100% free and have capability to deliver message, push to talk, images, video clips, shows and groups! This is one certain app we suggest you to install soon as you buy a new android smart phone like Samsung Galaxy S4.
Link: WhatsApp

6. True Caller

Truecaller - Free Caller ID

Truecaller is the globe’s biggest collaborative phone directory that enables you to get in touch with people across the world. As soon someone calling or written text you it immediately using your data plan or Wi-Fi reveals owner’s name immediately and you an option to add them to spamm or address book. If you need to add that get in touch with to your deal with, you just need to click save and true caller types name etc from the given information from their own big database. Check it out!

7. Google Chrome

Chrome Browser Google

Google made Chrome for Android devices, and chrome is one of the best browsers you can say, available for Android smartphones. While the default android browser works the same way, but having chrome on your android phone allows you to save bandwidth using the bandwidth management feature provided and you can sync your bookmarks, passwords, browsing history with cross-platform Chrome software. Although notice, the Air View and other gestures features are aslo available for only stock web browser which comes with Samsung Galaxy S4. You can also deliver the current open page on your PC web browser to your mobile with single click!

8. Ninja SMS

Ninja SMS

Ninja SMS reveals inbound text messages in their own screen, instead of making you leap into a individual app to get sms information which bursts up on top of whatever you are doing. It’s a lot like Facebook’s Chat Head feature, besides you do not have to set up Facebook Home to get it dealing with your frequent messages.
Link: Ninja SMS ($1.50)

9. Hi App Lock

hi app lock

This app as mentioned in this post, locks certain applications required for your privacy issues. If you don’t want to secure your smart phone and just secure certain applications like (whatsapp, facebook or your gallery) then we recommend you to get this app and lock them.
Link: Hi App Lock

10. VLC Player For Android (Beta)

VLC for Android Beta

VLC Player is one of the most used media players around the world for PC, which is used both for video/audio play-back. VLC player is mainly recommended by users over other such applications because it has a huge platform of codecs and can run many of the files extensions that other identical application do not identify. Now VLC Player is launched on Android through Google Play.